Oct 1, 2010

a Month in Masks

oh hi everyone!!
it's October 1st and i am SO excited for what this month has coming.
fall. rain. cold air. layered outfits. hot drinks. halloween. 
i can go on and on really.

soooo... i have this collection of mask photos in the DOJ files...
and i was thinking that it would be wayyyy too much if i showed them all to you in one post so i decided to start a series for the month of October (with halloween on it's way and all) ...perfect right!?

+a Month in Masks+
i will be sharing them little by little all month and i hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me!
here are some for starters!!

cat masks are really the best aren't they??

...and really, what's a tea party without masks??? :))

i LOVE this "perfect for fall" shot!
Where are my tights!!?

Lot's of fall post are on the way... 
i have the next few days off and i plan on making the most of them :))
photos via tumblr&weheartit


  1. Amazing! I love the animal masks! Maybe I could craft one for Halloween...

  2. animal masks are ridiculously in right now. i see them everywhere.

  3. Found your blog via Freckled Nest and so glad you sponsered her blog so I could come across you. I love this entry! It is just infested with inspiration.

  4. wooow! Love this!

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  6. Hi! I found your blog, cos of your cute Sartorialist photo comment for the "On the Street...Little Moments photo". This mask post hitted immediatly to my eye, cos Im a big mask lover also. I had to show you some great masks that a finnish shoe designer Minna Parikka has made out of shoes!! Grazy stuff ;) Take a look:

    Great autumn to you =)


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