Apr 30, 2010

Oh no!! ....which one??

Oh NOs!!!

which new desktop to choose you guys???
... I LOVE them all.

Don't you?


does this one remind you of FreckledNest or what?


but clearly this one's the winner's obviously my iced soy latte!


fancy friday you see what i see?


holy CUTE vintage!!!
Look at all the NEW fun things we have up in the 


pockets are my fave!

so grunge!


Have a good weekend everyone!

style crush.

well i found more pictures!
what was i supposed to do!!???

dream of all dream boats...'s MORE of my boyfriend style crush...
Devendra Banhart

i dont care if you take the beard away!

it lets all his freckles out!

legs for days!

 Dani... we need that aztec mattress lounge bed for the house NOW!

oh hi new short hair and freckles!

he's such a DREAM-sicle!

i see Openening Ceremony's new spring line's shorts!

devendra... you are my favoritest!

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Apr 28, 2010

$9.99 are you outta your mind!?

everything you see below starts at
ONLY $9.99
in the [FancyCatVintage] etsy shop!!

no jokes!

tiny white polka dots on red.

totally 80's

mens mexican travel shirt

le housewife

perfectly spring

my fave!


XO. -tif

Apr 27, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

++tattoo tuesday++


 hes fun.

i LOVE this.

my favorite way to discover tattoos is when they roll up there sleeves and you had NO idea!

mustache. beard. tattoos. check!

oh, hi cute boy in Melbourne!

[photos via weheartit]