Sep 30, 2010

the dark side.

the dark side
hello friends the clouds are moving in quick here in SoCal!
this makes it perfect for some dark side photos :)


kinda creepy.

really creepy.

extra creepy!

photos via weheartit+tumblr+sabino

Sep 29, 2010

weekend re-cap.

dinner and coffee.
Well... if you ignore me being attacked by my tummy... our weekend was pretty mellow :)
Saturday night we went to Souplantation (our fave!!) and we usually feel we need to walk off the food we just stuffed ourselves with... so we naturally went to Disneyland to do so!

Sunday! after church we took a trip to get a tripod and remote from Bestbuy!! we are so excited about the future with these new toys for fancycatvintage
(Dani plans on doing all future photo shoots from a recliner with her new remote.... sad!)

THEN we came home for a break and decided to go to Wahoo's for an early dinner and Starbucks for coffee before a major grocery shopping session! (we do our best grocery shopping late at's true!)

Photo collage above of:
-hipstamatic photos at starbucks
-Dani's new iphone4 shots of me!
-dinner at wahoo's 
(i had the banzai veggie taco with rice and black beans! yumm!)


Sep 28, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

tattoo tuesday

hi friends!
it's been tough the past few days with a tummy ache :-\ ...BUT i'm trying to ignore it and get things done.
i have Ray Lamontagne playing LOUD in my ears to help! are some fun tattoos for your tuesday :)

pretty feet :)

i LOVE the yellow stripes to go with.

raven palm tattoo super COOL!

more stripes!! 

my favorite part of this tattoo is the little gold tooth :))


sleeve LOVE!

above two tattoos via thefivemilegrace

LOVE this via dujour mag.

my favorite couple's tattoo EVER! ...LOVE it!

this one is so GOOD! :))

have a good Tuesday everyone! 
XO, tif.
+other tattoos via weheartit&some edited via me+

Sep 27, 2010

style muse: francoise hardy.

style muse.
francoise hardy
*1960's iconic figure in fashion, music and style*
i totally LOVE her simple, girly, never over the top, ready to wear style! 

my fave! ...can you guess why??

ohhh just hangin' out with Bobby Dylan... no big.

ohhh just wearin' the best maxi you've EVER seen in your life! big.

wishing to see a full shot of this pretty green dress one day!


LOVE this shot!

...and she's STILL amazing!

+photo's via weheartit&googleimages+

holiday time is coming!

oh, hi friends!!
Wanted to let you know that I have some fun and exciting plans for Holiday Time and the DOJ BLOG has some amazing holiday sponsor ad rates! Please take a look HERE!

Drops Of Jupiter BLOG looks forward to getting affordable advertisement and features out there for shops, BLOGS, websites, movers and shakers on the net!  
***PLEASE NOTE: Limited Space is available!!

So... I'm obviously excited for Autumn and Halloween's arrival coming up!
Here's a Halloween inspo collage I made just for fun :))

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Sep 23, 2010

the dark side.

the dark side.
i feel like i JUST did this... the week flew by!


i can't tell you how much i like this :)) via design is mine

so innocent spooky ....right?

the end.

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