Aug 31, 2011

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September is basically here! YIKES! up is the holidays! eeeep! Okay so I am currently accepting sponsors for September. Also introducing NEW ad sizes for fall through the holidays AND the blog is getting a NEW look this week! If you are interested in partnering up with DOJ take a look at the new details for sponsorship...

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Aug 30, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hello ink lovers!
i was happy to run into a nice collection of tattoos today being that ive been feeling icky all day.  tummy issues have had me in the bed/on the couch aching ...and a little annoyed that i can't really get anything done. 
but anyway! ...tomorrows a new day and i'll go full force into catching up for the new month. who's excited for fall??

here's some ink to enjoy...
PS. i dont know who that guy is above but he is dreamy dreamy dreamy ...looks like he could be a ginger too (wink wink)
 always a fan of things that take me back to child hood.

 very good via david hale.


 its a narwhal right? ...i like it!


 cutest doodle umbrella!

 i think i need an XO tattoo in my life. yes?

 HA!!! ...i had to share it with you!

 sweet maggie of NOIR OHIO in maui ....xo!

i want this so bad but i really think i just need my future mister to get/have it. 
...OH! the photos would be wonderful! :o))

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Aug 28, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 i remember the smell of the fabric of your simple city dress..
name that jeff buckley tune! 
...and let this inspire the rest of your day.

 okay... LOVE this to NO end!

 a really good bee hive.

 future home inspo... want! via gnomesweeeetgnome.

 i just like it.

 tried taking photos of this buy the other day... it was too dark.

 pretty wedding inspo.

tee-pees in the sunset ...perfect.

top photo via 
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Aug 25, 2011

the dark side.

 hello there!
well the day is moving along swimmingly. swimmimgly? what's that REALLY mean anyway!? ...and while some of you ponder that, here's some fun photos for your dark side! Had to start it off with 

 great photo via erica shires.

attack of the CUTE swan dress! 

 pretty pretty.


the end.

other photos via
['link' are down right now on blogger ...i'll be back to give photo credit]

Aug 23, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hello all!
thank GOD it's tattoo tuesday! i woke up and went tattoo searching from my bed today. 
here's what i found... enjoy.

 cat face birds?....sure.

 LOVE via thesfstyle!

 super good!

 josh beech never fails me!

 you sir... are awesome.

 pretty pretty.

i can appreciate a good sea shell 8-))

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Aug 22, 2011

manic monday.

 happy monday.
im happy because ive got some more ladies for your manic monday... 
and i MUST tell you that i LOVE liz above in her lounge gear! 
sweats & a t-shirt = PERFECT!

 i LOVE everything about this photo of cher! ...everything!

 madonna...when i wanted to be her
...although id actually take all that 80's jewelry today.

 katie in the woods pretty.

 this might be my fave of debbie!

...and finally sweet norma jean via noirohio's blog!

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Aug 21, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 well, hello everyone!
i hope you enjoyed the weekend. mine was pleasant. it didn't seem so hot i was able to wear a cardigan over my top and shorts on stage saturday night (i sing... for those of you who didn't know) and today...for the stage... i wore skinny jeans and a knitted top and i was fine! ...okay good air conditioning helped! ***photos would've been nice... i'll remember next time. MUST do more outfit reports!

in the mean time... here's some inspo to end your sunday... enjoy!
PS. isn't the above vintage photo from the 40's divine!!?? ...LOVE!!

 inspo to do iced coffee & toy camera photos one morning.

 pretty braid inspo!

 DIY inspo via here.

 inspo to visit montreal one day soon! ps. where can i find these houses?

 these pretty illustrations of mocha girls are inspo to have myself drawn! *wink wink*

 inspo to find more photos of cool vintage churches!

 inspo to just make me smile.

crack me up inspo! 

 this we i found six of these CUTIES in the storage outside my window... today we realized there's actually seven!! what to do?? 

inspo for tomorrow's breakfast ....with a smoothie of course :O)

i hope this week is the BEST for you all!

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