Oct 31, 2011


Happy Halloween (silly photo) everyone!!
I am SO excited to tell you about this MUSTACHE (on a stick) GIVEAWAY brought to you by the CUTEST couple ever ...Shauna & Stephen of Somethings Hiding In Here (in support of MOvember!)

my story: 
I discovered Stephen & Shauna when I came across this amazing photo of a handsome man in feux beard was Stephen and I had to find out what he was about and more importantly WHY he was wearing a fake beard??...

(most of you know I have a facial hair & tattoos obsession....*see the mustache on the right & tattoo tuesday! #winks*) so I came across the Something's Hiding In Here blog and the Your Message Here project they did for Fred Flare below AND i noticed that Shauna (his wife) was the cutest of ladies and that she was an "ink haver"... with that said, I've been a big fan of Stephan and Shauna's projects ever since!!

their story: 
"well...we first made our mustache on a stick over 5 years ago. it all started because stephen can't grow one of his own (it's sad but true). naturally, he dreamt of all the staches he wish he could grow and started carving them from wood. one day, i came home to find his collection and immediately said "stephen, put those on a stick". the rest is photo booth history. we've made hundreds, probably over a thousand and still love seeing photos of them in use." 

"Looking dapper and handsome isn't the only reason to pose for a photo with a mustache on a stick. recently, stephen met with the fellas who started "Movember" a campaign to raise awareness about men's health (specifically cancer). a few years ago stephen's father was diagnosed and beat prostate cancer so the mission of this group is close to our hearts. we wanted to get involved so we're sharing our classic mustache on a stick with as many people as we can and telling them about Movember." -Shauna 

 So... if you'd like to win a world famous mustache on a stick here's how to enter...
Leave a comment (using the intense debate comments only) with your name, email, and your favorite Halloween treat! 

***I will choose a winner TOMORROW and you will be ready to sport your mustache on a stick for MOvember!

 more info on MOvember here!

BIG thank you to Shauna for being so sweet! 
& good luck to all of you!!


Oct 27, 2011

the dark side.

 hello hello!
well i've missed my dark side posts i'm up late putting this together for all you closet goths to enjoy!

PS. i just LOVE the above x-ray photo!! don't you??


 don't ask.


 Edward Steichen's The Mirror


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Oct 25, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 well, hello ink lovers!
here's some tattoos for ya ...bright and early.
ladies... you're welcome for the inked eye candy. it was no trouble at all.
feel free to discuss! HA!!


 cutest elephant doodle!

 i LOVE seeing ink peeking out of sleeves ....LOVE!!
 LOVE him!

 okay him too.


 i remember Paris : )

 finger doodle LOVE.

 just awesome. for the literates.

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Oct 24, 2011


 oh, hello there!
so getting back in the groove of things seems to be a slowly but surely event... let's just say that since last wednesday, I will have been working everyday until November 2nd. Thank GOD that is right around the corner... that's what i keep telling myself!
In the mean time... here's some MASKS for your MONDAY 
PS. are the above Vader masks adorable or what? :O)

 apparently the devil wears vintage.

 pretty pretty.

 i call this gas mask chic ...with the pearls.

 always was a great mask on Ghost World.


& i LOVE the kitten the most!

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Oct 23, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 i miss you all!
here's some photos that inspired me & made me think of you!

 pink & pony inspo.

 stripes for cool photo inspo.

 potential tattoo inspo.

 inspo to have big 60's hair & a rabbit... what?

 inspo that made me think of my new friend heather ...hi heather! #hugs

 indie mc donald's photography inspo a fan.

 pastel inspo.

 inspo to treat myself to a pretty pumpkin spice latte tomorrow... doing it.

inspo to need to know who this guy is ...i'm pretty sure i like him. HA!

pretty jelly fish inspo.

& the cutest breakfast ever inspo!

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