Feb 27, 2010

my only thought...

I made it home BUT I am so sorry that this is all I can think about...

Had a long busy night... 


I'll be back for a "real" BLOG soon!

photo source: weheartit

Feb 25, 2010

THEME Thursday!!

Theme Thursday

The theme is BLACK & WHITE!


not sure what this was about...
...does anyone know?

you'll probably be seeing a lot of this kid for i'm getting pumped for his show next month.

Kurt Cobain and daughter

right after they told him the Harley didn't have any gas :(

"The Outsiders" with the director. (found here
"Dally"...Matt Dillon was my fave!


"How Genetics Work"
ha! (source)

other sources: weheartit+tumblr

FancyCat NEWS!

Just so you know...

We have these cute items and more ending super soon 

take a peak. 

AND this super cute dress and a truck load of 
cute vintage items are on clearance starting at only
make sure you take a look at the deals!


Feb 24, 2010

holy COOL!

holy COOL you guys!
have you seen this yet???

Here’s how works:

- Pick your favorite four websites from their settings list.
- Set this as your browser’s start page.
- Enjoy!
(via: swissmiss)
here's what mine currently looks like:
I say "currently" because" choosing ONLY four is tough!!

(ps. still haven't taken my nap *sigh*)

whatever wednesday cream edition.

Whatever Wednesday

It's a mello day for us. 
No appointments for the day. 
Made sure I got up and went to 9:30 yoga.
Been eating JUNK all day 
(because I need to go buy groceries.)
Motivation today = Meh-ish

Gonna take a power nap!

Until I get back...
...please enjoy some ice cream/fro-yo photos!
(found in my files)

 PS. Been waiting since 2009 for the perfect time to use the top photo *sigh*


i LOVE soft serve.


pretty "cookie jar" or container (found here)

and pretty nails too!

other source: weheartit

Feb 23, 2010

tattoo tuesday continues...

Topping off Tattoo Tuesday!

I collected a little extra.
I love them so much and my file starts to over flow! 
So here is a cute little collage I made to finish off the day :)


(photos from weheartit)

tattoo tuesday.

Tattoo Tuesday.
We had to wait a while but now it's here!
(i did it the HARD way cus i couldn't make you all wait any longer)

i LOVE paper airplane tattoos.




nice photo.

a "TO DO" list!!! ack...i need one!


LOVE indeed!


sources: weheartit+tumblr