Jun 27, 2009

Photography LOVE.

there's really no need to blame but i feel like blaming. i run into so much cool photography on blogs and they lead me to cool photographers or cool crafty people. which only makes my blog list longer which inspires me even more to BLOG! im cool with it tho.

so in the middle of all the blog/foto LOVE... i ran into this cool photographers site (from a blog of course) and i was instantly in love. i dont know know if i was in love with the soon to be married couples and how cute they looked or just the cool tint of the photos.

i just fell in love. the way Miss Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography tells a story and shows us what she sees through her photos is so amazing to me.  oh yeah and she LOVES cake! just like me :) See and read about this super beautiful cake she found...
on her blog
So I decided that she would be my photographer for my wedding... you know the non existent one!... one day. And that I was going to save up a certain amount of money cus I had to have her!...

After deciding this I posted my new exciting and nerdy decision on twitter or something/somewhere and Noa actually contacted me!! I was so humbled and excited.... but so so so embarrassed to tell her that I wasn't even engaged....
So I hope she found that funny because she has been so sweet to me since then and she even chopped up and made a special tagged photo that you see for my blog header...

(and twitter) :o)

I'm pretty sure this was the shot that hooked me. I love the random walking through grocery store and decided to take a photo feel. Also the chex floor and the color over load! Brilliant!
I encourage everyone to take a look at her site and just relax and watch the pictures go by while hearing some super zen music. you will enjoy!

<3<3<3 Noa, you are the bomb <-- yeah I said it! and I can't wait to see how my engagement/wedding photo's turn out. (wink wink wink)

Jun 23, 2009


got some things coming up tonight or tomorrow. i have Bible study tonight with my girls and sometimes we go into the late hours due to fun fun fun... but they will come.

here's a preview tho.
you might not have noticed but my header photo changed a bit because the sweet Noa of featherlove photography remade one for me with her tag so she can get due credit. i soon will talk about how much i LOVE her work and our in common love for cake... in the most non-stalker way possible.

doing some crafty stuff for my parents... really my mom (she wanted a jason mraz mix tape) so I thought "oh youre gettin more than a mix tape lady" *insert evil laugh here* Ill be using the above photos... somehow. 
Isn't Miss Ruthy's "Charlie's Angels" hair super fly in the first photo?
2nd photo taken by the flyest woman ever... my Grand Mommy! and I think it was originally a Polaroid. 
Note: these photos are obviously BD (before Dani) and when I think of this I get a lil saddy face... but she made it here just fine. I waited 8 years!
and here we are.

and for father's day we got all crafty shafty and made this card to go along with his gifts...

we made it in about 30 minutes to an now sits on the fire place in allll it's glory.

and i'll talk about how cute this dress came out in the new items on and how much I love   this top...
and secretly hope i can just keep it... minus the probation (long story...probably not coming.)

BLOG love coming!
I have so many blog love stories going on right now. but a recent one i have been in love with is inchmark! I love her little projects so much. She inspires me with every one! she does cute stuff for her little kids and their teachers and she recently did a project for some girls she teaches at church. 
...LOVE that shes a church lady! 
okay so that is whats coming SOON. i swear...and trust me I can't wait to talk about it all : )
off to my small group Bible study!

Jun 21, 2009

just lookin'

and I'll really look tomorrow. i've been wanting to catch up on my blog reading and I am def. behind. i promise i'll add to my "blog love" list soon and eventually it'll have all my loves.
right now i'm just running into some cute things...

...on blog #1.
i want (and don't necessarily need) some of these. you know... to stamp onto my gifts when I send them : ) note: I dont feel guilty about buying things if they are for gifts for others. im gonna look into this.
...return address rubber stamps from paperwink...
June cards, designed by Christopher David Ryan, in celebration ofPort2Port's 3rd year.
really I love the lady holding the cupcake. reminds me of my love for red velvet cupcakes!!... with cream cheese frosting ofcourse ( : 
but i really DO love that cup cake sketch...probably will be inspiration for an up coming birthday craft! shh... sneaky sneaky.
these all found on: oh joy!
tangent complaint.
sooo just when i thought that maybe it's officially time to break out the tanks, floppies, and skirts... the June gloom comes back. i need to know! not really tho : T i just like coming up with cute summer outfits in my mind. (dont roll your eyes!)
next blog.
okay so is this the cutest ring ever? i think she found it on etsy... i'll have to do some hunting (found it!).... i love bows! 44 bucks hurts my feelings... but maybe someone nice will buy it for me (wink).
and seeing all these cute things on her counter makes me want to go back to the thrift store...

...but when we finally got there (remember i had been waiting all week to go!) my tummy triggered and started hurting me. i was in so much pain that i couldn't even enjoy... must go back this week. like monday.
totally inspired!
I LOVE LOVE the mustache mugs she got from UO... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the most this "dirty mug" also at UO. 
I honestly might have to make the 30 minute drive back to UO in Costa Mesa just to have this. so bad.
all this via: bleubirdvintage!
wow! that was only 2 out of like 20 blogs i still need to catch up on and i'm beat! i am going to be so drowsy at church in the morning.
i will continue later but i want to mention that i think it was SO funny that today was my parent's anniversary and NO ONE remembered but my dad! We've all been so focused on Father's Day that we totally forgot! Oh well, so after he reminded us before he left to go pick up my mom from work (ain't that cute)... my sister and I made surprise brownies that they've been begging us to make all week but we didn't have eggs.
I ate two already (with milk). guilty. 
So happy anniversary Mom and Dad! thanks for everything : )


Jun 15, 2009

Holy I was bored!

So I guess the rules are that you answer these questions and put it up on your own blog and maybe let's promote each other by putting the link to the blog where you got this from ...if you weren't tagged! 
Found mine here!

What is your current obsession?
Blogs (I'll have a few in rotation on here until I can make the long list) and my personal revival of being artsy with crafting and creating. Inspired by A LOT of the blogs I read.

for example:
and let's not forget the back view...
Right now I've really been into crafting lil for people I love. It really makes to feel good to make others feel good. 
Here is the finished package for Anne...
... it's started with a hat and it just kept going! 

What is your current favorite memory?
Can't come up with just one but one that comes to mind is... after I got home from a musical I was in and my Dad, sister and cousin had gone to see as well. I creped into my parents bedroom and asked my Dad how he liked it.  Well I was in a show called Side Show and the theme line of the show is "come look at the freaks." I was the bearded lady and my Dad is basically the funniest man in the world, so you can imagine his comments? He had the whole family on the bedroom floor in tears and laughter! My fave comment: "Ruthy, (that's my mom.. in bed with him) I saw a black man... with three legs" LOL! 4 ever!   thanks Dad!

Starbucks or Peet's?
Never ordered from Pete's so SBUX I guess. I did work there for 4 years :) BUT I will admit that I have moved to The Coffee Bean... sorry sbux :(

What's for dinner?
Tonight I was stage manager at the murder mystery dinner theater. So late lunch included: half of left over bean and cheese burrito.. it was yummy the pico de gallo! 

What would you eat for your last meal?
My moms home made mac & cheese OR Angelo and Vinci's Rigatoni with pink sauce.... mmmMMmm!

What's the last thing you bought?
A pack of 30 washable markers for my new craft crazy :) this along with, whole grain tortilla's, brownie mix,  multi grain loaf of bread, plain bagels and a block of cream cheese. 

What are you listening to right now?
I've been listening to a copy of Anne's mix tape in my car... it's got a great list of songs but one that's still in my head is John Mayer's "Sucker" --->

What is your favorite ice-cream flavour?
well I loved orange sherbert first as a child, then I discovered rainbow sherbert. As an adult now I like butter pecan and pecan prailine thanks to my Dad. BUT... there's nothing like a good sherbert! 

What do you think of the person who tagged you?
I dont think I got tagged... am I supposed to tag someone?

What was your favorite toy growing up?
Probably honestly my Nintendo (NES) and

my Gameboy! ...gangster!!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
For an hour, I'd go to Egypt and see the pyramids. 

Which language do you want to learn?
I'd like to be fluent in Spanish (took it for 3 years in school). Then French and German.

What's your favorite quote (for now)?
God doesn't send people to hell... people send THEM SELVES to hell.

What is your favorite colour?
I can never hold onto one. I like a good green but latley I've getting into burnt colors like orange and yellow. But kinda wanna paint a wall in a cool blue. I'm liking that dark fall purple too.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
I guess my old vintage DARE shirt. It's falling apart.

What is your dream job?

FancyCat Vintage dot com! ...and loved this dress so much. I pray that it's enjoying it's new home :)

What is your worst habit?
I over analyze. Sometimes to the point where I make myself sad or depressed.

If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
I'd give it to Gina... my sweetest ever friend who lives up in Big Bear and who'm I miss oh so much.

Do you admire any one's style?

hmm... Maybe Nicole Richies Boho/Hippie looks (go ahead black girl!)... sometimes. Photo Cred.

Describe your personal style?
my personal style really depends on the day. I feel like I am a hippie at heart because if I had the choice, I'd wear my loose fitting jeans, no shoes, no make up and no hair style... every day. 

What do you wish wasn't true?
That he's just not that into me... oh well.

What are your favourite movies?
Hackers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Interview with a Vampire, The Crow, X-Men, Mr. & Mrs. Smith to name a few.

What is your favourite fruit?
mango, pear, strawberries

What inspires you?
God, Art, Music

Your favorite book?

Secrets of An Irresistible Woman 

Do you collect something?
piggy banks and scarfs apparently... oh and money ;)

What are you most proud of?
I'm so happy I am not a push over anymore. I used to not stand up for myself and now I do or don't deal with the situation because I respect myself and what i stand for in my relationship with God above all. I am also proud of the business my sister and I have in FancyCat Vintage.

What do you like most about yourself?
My soul.

What is your go-to nail polish color?

What scares you?
Niagra Falls!

1) Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog. Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention and add one more question of your own.
2) Tag eight folks

Jun 12, 2009


  1. Tiffany McLeainBestSoyLatteI love beards. I love left over bean & cheese burritos. I love robots. I love tattoos.
  2. My last tweet made me laugh!
  3. XO! 

Jun 11, 2009


Okay so I felt like giving the blog a face lift. I don't really have anything to do until photoshoot at 4 and rehearsal at 6:30 and ad in crazy weekend here... so why not!

Also... it has a new name. DROPS OF JUPITER and a new Title photo that I love and use on my twitter background from Noa Azoulay-Sclater. i just found out that my husband and I will have to start saving up (about $5000) for her to photograph our wedding... and I don't care :)
I think the new name will stick like crafty shafty glue!

Good NEWS!!! My lovely friend Anne got her crafty shafty package today!
Here she is sporting the hat she found with the crafty shafty card and mix tape... aint she cute?
and now I can show you guys the finishing results of "project Anne" :-D
I'll do that as soon as I upload the photos ...unless Anne wants to take crazy photos of herself and gifts ;)
she just might :)

what the what??

Okay kids I'm already back...
I've ran into a few things this morning and I must talk about them...

1. okay first of all... this is SO cool!

Okay so some dude is repairing the WORLD with LEGOs! I love that. I love that so much!! Read/See more about it here!

2. And this guy proposed in a photo booth...

the timing HAD to be just right I'm thinking!! So jello! read more here.

3. I've seen this sketch before on but it found me again...
I love that it says "it feels like flying" <--- so cute and true!! Wanted to post it cus I've been thinking of getting back on the bike for transportation but it's very difficult when you live in the Inland Hills of So. Cal... where the places I need to get to are only accessable via freeway :( Why couldn't my neighborhood be like the cute areas of Longbeach... oh well.
4. and do you remember parachute games?

There's a commercial that plays on the TVs in target and they show a part where grown people like me are playing the parachute game where you flip it up and run under it and hold it behind you.... times as a child were fun! BUT obviously we can still do fun things! I wanna do this! :) Photo cred.
Okay I'm hungry for breakfast.

Jun 10, 2009

what's happenin'

well it's been a few days and I though that maybe I'd share some projects and happenings in time order...

Okay! So I'e been getting pretty crafty shafty <-- it just came out that way. sorry. thanks to all the crafty blog inspiration. and it's totally brought me to a calm zen place when creating. I dont know if its the reminder of "this is what it's like to get creative" from when I was a kid in school during art time. But I've loved it so far.
Latley... I've only made gifts.
This first gift, I can only partially share because I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient. I will share the rest later but here are some "pieces" of the piece...

the beginning of it all...
I started with a few supplies and tools. Its crazy now! and I'm actually going to Target tonight to take another lookie at the craft section.
getting "creative"...
nice lil' note inside for this beautiful soul... and photos (currently secret) went over the color blocks!
and I'll show the finished project after it is received ...soon.
BUT also added to the package was a mix tape... I love mix tapes ever since I joined a sorta mix tape CD exchange list with my L83 friends.

I'd like to add that I think it's funny that the "mix tape" is a CD that looks and feels like a tiny lil record LP. Super cute and they come in different colors! so fly!
Okay so then...
a week ago today, my friend sends me a text to enter a contest via twitter/email to go see John Mayer Trio on the new Tonight Show with Conan. I love Conan... but you know how I feel about my Johnny. So I entered the contest and it was only for LA area folks... that's me! Now what was funny about this was that I had a good feeling about it because my friends were sorta encouraging the John Mayer management team to pick me LOL so I can rep. for the L83. I honestly felt all glittery (if you dont know what that means... I'm sorry!)
So that night I go to pick up a friend and on the way my sister suggests that I play JM3's Try CD for luck... I did :)

and seeing this photo of them rehearsing that day made me want to win and be there so bad :(
So anyways. I got home late that night and there was a tweet message from John management saying they were having computer glitches ad they'd announce the winners in the morning. So I woke up in the morning and there wasn't anything in my email so I though "oh well" and went on with my day. 
My sister and I had so much work to do and we had a 5pm deadline! So at about 1ish... I get a text from my friend SueSue (shout out to SueSue!!!) that reads: yay Tif! and first thing I thought was .... Oh God whats that mean??? what? what? Literally I was asking "what!!?what!!?"
No one was answering me and I was logged onto my business email so I knew nothing of the reason for this celebration. I started getting nervous so I went on to twitter and saw something about "Did Tif win?" from my friend Anne (shout out to Anne!) and that's when I started freaking out and so I had to see things for myself so I clicked on Mick Managment's twitter and the beautiful message read: 

  1. #bestsoylatte and #westcoastbritt are our winners. if any of you guys are their friends - someone tell them to check their email already!
  2. and when I saw this I started screaming bloody murder apparently because my sister thought I was dying or someone died or something horrible happened LOL. So after getting up from my desk and screaming and ....yes, crying and having a breakdown. I pulled myself together and saw this other tweet of theirs...

    Congratulations @bestsoylatte & @westcoastbritt! You'll be heading to the see JM3 on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien today! Check email