Jun 30, 2011


oh, hi everyone!
i haven't mentioned it yet so i wanted to announce that DOJ is turning 3 next in July! YAYYY! i seriously can NOT believe i've been sharing inspo with you all for 3 years!

SO... stay tuned for an all month celebration of lot's of FUN things...and *hint hint* do you LOVE the above 'XO necklace' im wearing c/o the solarium??
eeep! ...i sure do!


Jun 28, 2011

tattoo tuesday ...N O I R O H I O.

 well hello again!
this weeks tattoo tuesday is "brought to you by" Maggie of NOIR OHIO. 
Fun Fact: Maggie doesn't know but according to my calculations... i've been following the NOIR OHIO Vintage shop for about SIX YEARS!!! (since i was in college HA! ...back before i was a blogger) ...AND my sister and i call anyone that has "a lot" of tattoos "...from Ohio" ie: "i didn't know the drummer was from Ohio!" or "I love that our waitress is from Ohio..don't you!?" tickles me that years later we're friends via the internet, twitter & iPhone apps!!
...and to this very day i browse the NOIR OHIO SHOP and the NOIR OHIO Blog for inspo 
(...and a shoe drool session!)
 here's Maggie! Isn't she CUTE!!?
enjoy these photos of Maggie, Molly (the NOIR OHIO model) and Amanda (Maggie's sister)...


 the world famous noir ohio shorts!

 Amanda is an artist at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Philly! AND...i think her eyebrows are the BEST so sue me!
 See more of her work on her facebook page here

 so thank you - thank you - thank you to Maggie and the girls!

PS. Maggie! thanks for six years of ink havin' (and vintage) inspiration... 
♥ ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥ ♥!!

photos c/o Maggie's collection

this week in instas.

 well hello everyone!
okay so WOW! ....i feel like my sister and i have been all over the place (and busy busy!) these past couple of days. 
here's proof via my instagram photos!

 my pretty cup cake at Matt Mira's day off in LA.

 guarding the concession stand in the back :)

 ...yeah, it's a fancy concession stand.

impromtu night trip to disneyland after dani and i had a dinner date
...this is in the elevator of the haunted mansion.

 we went to wahoo's... 
i had a banzai veggie taco (with black beans and white rice!).

 yogurtland is right next door so... we HAD to!

 stood in line for over an hour for the new star tours ride. 
YES! was good BUT i got a little motion sick from the 3D.

 dani and i got home late from a taping of Websoup last night! my mommy made us a late night snack of quesedillas and veggies :) 

OH! and while my Daddy was going through some old photos he found this 
...sniffle sniffle... ain't it cute!?
(i LOVE my dress!!!)

...stay tuned for tattoo tuesday...
it's gonna be so good!

photos via my iPhone. 

Jun 24, 2011

for the literate.

 i agree!!
hi everyone! happy friday :) i hope you all are enjoying your life today (like the sign says) no matter what. ive been "extreme couponing" all week and i'm having so much fun with it. do you wanna hear more?? cus i can totally post photos of the goodies i got... im serious!
so ive got a fun collection of photos for you literates and oopsie about not finishing last weeks post!
here's what it kinda woulda looked like... enjoy!



 prettiest van i ever did see. loose lips sink ships!

 i feel better now :)


 oh yes!

hugs and kisses!

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Jun 23, 2011

the dark side.

 back already!
...with a dark side post for all my fellow closet goths and dark hearts ...whatever that means :)


 it's true.

 also pretty.

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