Oct 10, 2010

sunday inspiration... 10 things.

10 things (to inspire you) on 10/10/10

well, isn't that fun!? 
1. starting with this pretty little hair do and bow :))

2. NOIR OHIO taking THEE cutest advantage of this Indian Summer!

3. OH! and the best of my vintage Disneyland files...

The Monsanto Home Of The Future Living Room

...and the kitchen! (check out the high tech microwave... do NOT hate!) [source]

4. an outfit i MUST copy this fall!

5. this wall decal is pretty scary ....i like it :))

6. rainbow pixel paint chip wall LOVE! via whorange.

7. another GREAT look to copy for fall. 

8. more vintage disney ..LOVE it :))

9. LOVE this shot!

10. and how can you NOT LOVE this baby giraffe?? ....eeeeek!

+other photos via weheartit+


  1. I like how you mix the grotesque and the absurd, with beauty. Nice blog. Come visit me too, soon.



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