Mar 31, 2011

the dark side.

 oh, hello!
todays dark side imspo has a weird feel to it i'd say...
or maybe it's just me!??
PS. any darth photo like the one above is a shout out to my Jakey and my fellow nerdists!

well... enjoy!

 i like.

 for my friend Cindi! ...she has this tattoo on her arm!

 someone save the cat!! :o(

 so good!

 NOOOOO!!! ...haha! (via nerdist!)


 theres always room for marilyn.

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Mar 29, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

its tattoo time!
ive got a big collection today in all kinds of styles.

enjoy enjoy enjoy!

 seeing a lot of octopus ink these days.

my sister will probably get the meaning of it... (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ink) 
...anyone else?

 his & hers anchors! LOVE it!

 everything is good.

 this man via noir ohio is BEST!

 so good!

 i enjoy the diamonds.

her mommy heart makes me want to get one!

& FIN!

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calling all sponsors!

Hi everyone!
So spring is here and the end of the month is just around the corner which means...
I am now officially accepting sponsors to promote for April! 

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April is going to be a great time to promote with new fancycatvintage listings coming to the scene for spring and Tattoo Tuesday's (on the street) going into full effect!!

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Mar 28, 2011

manic monday.

 oh hello!
wow... i can't handle the amazing-ness that is this photo of bowie... RIGHT?
here's more for your manic monday and then were off to do some grocery shopping...



 frida's so good!



 oh paul!


...and pretty jackie!

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fancy things!

 hi everyone!
okay so... these LAST CHANCE items in the fancycatvintage ebay shop are PERFECT for spring!
They are up for grabs now... BUT they will be ending tomorrow.

take a look!

all items starting at only $9.99!
happy bidding!