Jul 31, 2009

Braid Back Tee

this just reminds me of being a lil brown skinned girl and wishing i had long hair like my friends. 
so...i loved this!


Braid Back Tee
 Braid Back Tee  <---i must own one! 

(via SwissMiss)

well I'll be a monkey's uncle!

How to "open" a banana! (via SwissMiss)
have you been doing it the wrong way all along???
*hits forhead*

(via ifiwerethekeys)

i think im purple :-T

but what are the greys??? 
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Jul 30, 2009

Holy CUTE proposal!!!

Oh-Em-Gee you guys!!
one of my fave blogs... A CUP OF JO described it best!

Jake wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kristina, so he started a whisper chain through 59 people, a new world record. His message ("Kristina, will you marry me?") slowly passed from person to person, around the crowded room, until it finally reached the last person: Kristina herself. Shocked, she jumped, shrieked and accepted. How cute is that?
By Jake ----via Swiss-miss

Jul 27, 2009

night time post!

why not?

well i just got home from a leader meeting for my small group that i lead/apprentice. and they had chocolate covered strawberries for snacks and m&ms and salty snack mix. I tried it all and some. I bet I ate like 5+ strawberries too! oh well!

so now im home and I have work to do. i'll call midnight my deadline so we can have some new cute stuff up in the store tomorrow. but really quick i went to my google reader to catch up on my BLOG loves. so thankful for my reader now that i've learned to use it cus it keeps my reading nice and organized and updates me and lets me know if something new is up...

came across this peg board inspiration !!

and ofcourse I'll have to wait till I get my own place to do it ....but until then, I'll LOVE it in my mind :)
waiting patiently for the day to have my own place again. So many ideas running through my head!!


okay so that blog below this one is weird and warped. but im gonna just have to be okay with it. things like that happen at 2am ya know? i will continue to accept it and be fine with it... like these two birdies :)

makes me smile :)

ps. as soon as i find the credit for this pic.. ill post it. drawing a blank right now.

the LOVE collection...

hey LOVEs! I am so sorry I haven't been updating. I've been wanting to the whole time and just have not had a second to stop and do it. So no (sigh) that it's 12:30am on Monday morning LOL! I think the time to get back into the mix couldn't be any better!

I have been coming across SO many *Holy CUTE* things that it's gonna take me forever to share. And the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have to tell myself "Tiffany (my real name, by the way) You can NOT show everyone everything!

*sighhh* so here are a few... but I promise there will be more!

So I've been LOVING weddings latley... hmm wonder why? I have a good friend getting married in November and it seems like everyone around me is having a baby. The baby stuff is fine though cus it gives me an excuse to SHOP!

But anyway...

came across this super cool photo booth made for a wedding. I kinda want it at mine... for serious.

and NOT gonna lie. The holga is probably gonna be my next i really "need" it purchase... Le sighhh!

came across some sky play. i'd totally do it if I had time! how bout you?

The Uniform Project was very interesting...

this cute girl is gonna wear the same dress for 365 days for a good cause!!! I wish! She's awesome!

last photo collage (via CUP OF JO)

and hmmmm....shoe bumper stickers. interesting. via *snumpers*

and i must have this floor.

and I must have this ladder in one of my bathrooms... isn't it so warm and country!!?? LOVES!

found these tonight...

im not sure i would own them or that i love them but I do know that they remind me of something i LOVE and thats Sesame Streets "Teeny Little Super Guy" :-D


and I totally died laughing over the posters pop-up comments during the video...*that song's my jam!"

Yikes it's almost 2am! BUT I took a 4 hour nap today so that really does all the explaining.

Jul 6, 2009

Holy CUTE! - Polaroid addition.

okay so ive been having some major Polaroid loving moments lately and i must share the best of my loves...

this started it all.
amazing isn't even a word that comes close to what i feel about this Pola and the mustache alone.
aww man! I can't get over it! (photo cred: Hernandez)
then it got a little out of control when i went looking around on the search word "Polaroid Camera" on etsy.

pretty much my next etsy purchase. I love the vintage rainbow ones!

it goes on and on. If I decide to snag any of these I shall post LOVE photos of myself with them :)

***Special Last minute add on to support my super cooler than me sister...