Jan 31, 2011

manic monday.

 well, hello there.
happy manic monday everyone! im currently a little under the weather AGAIN. so ive been trying to keep calm and relax and not run marathons or anything like that! ...anyway! here are some lovely photos via the DOJ celeb files.

 oh jimi! you are so good in photos!

 okay so... L-O-V-E audrey tautou with big hair!


 marley is also BEST.

 jon hamm such a ham! (apologies.)

elizabeth taylor and the kitten are adorable!!!! 

 jared leto LOVE.

and i must say happy 30th to ONE of my "old husbands" he is 10 days older than me and I'll never forget :o)
Happy Birthday Justy!!

well, that is all folks!

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Jan 29, 2011

have a good weekend.

well... things have been busy and interesting over here at my casa!
we did a big photo shoot for fancycatvintage yesterday! cute cute vintage pieces coming your way soon! and Dani and I rewarded ourselves with a late night drive to one of our favorite places to eat yummy food, El Torasco's!! I had my favorite... potato enchiladas with rice and beans. I also had pina colada punch and it was sooo yummo!
(note: it's so good i can only eat 25% of it and i have 75% for next day leftovers!!)

Here's a pic of me holding up their giant tortilla chips. Literally they just fry the whole corn tortilla... is that not genius or what!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Jan 27, 2011

NEW hair for "spring"

 oh, hi everyone!
im back from getting my "hurrr did" ;oP
YES... i decided on bringing the bangs back! it wasn't a hard decision.

***Please enjoy these BAD QUALITY BATHROOM PHOTOS of how it turned out...


notes on my look: 
shoes-black toms classics, pants-skinny khakis via oldnavy, shirt- loungefly via disneyland (courtesy of @cicicindi), turquoise ring- via xxi, stack ring- courtesy of mom, ID bracelet- vintage (courtesy of 3rd grade), black rubber bracelet- courtesy of my back yard, make-up- arbonne int., hair by- randi cagnolatti. 

theme thursday.

 big sexy hair.

i LOVE it!! i LOVE it!! alllll shapes and forms :o)
here's some big sexy hair do's from the DOJ files...


 i love it messy.

so pretty. 

 big pretty braids.

 pretty for formal.

 LOVE this whole look!

 this is a great up-do for a wedding.

 big ringlets LOVE!

 big and ratted LOVE.

LOVE this vintage look too.

...and my fave of all big hair is my "jedi" sister Dani's :oP

well im off to go get my big hair done... maybe i'll come bak with bangs!!
hmmmm... i'll let you know!

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Jan 26, 2011

fancy things. fancy faves.

 fancy fancy fancy.
these pretty little numbers are ending in the fancycatvintage eBay shop tonight in less than 5 hours!!
get your looks and bids in NOW!

here are some of my faves...and i wish them farewell (o:

happy bidding!


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Jan 25, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 happy tuesday!
today i did a little mix up of fun tattoos from the DOJ files. 
i of course had to start with my favorite tattoo design... the world map! 
LOVE the placement of this one!
(dreaming up something for my 30th birthday next month and im liking the map a lot!)

here's more...
 very pretty.

 in LOVE with this vintage "latin manual" tattoo.

 they are awesome.

 i hope this is real! i love it.

 i heart it (:



 can't go wrong with a good trinity tattoo!

 so good.


 eeeeeeep!! i LOVE it (: 
...this is erin's (of calivintage) cute leg with a cute cat with sunglasses!

great beetle tattoo here.

 errrr uh... great beatles tattoo here :oP

aww one day this will be me and my inked up man 
...tattoos and coffee (o:

that's all kids! 
have a good tuesday.

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