Oct 14, 2010

tattoo tuesday (...on thursday)

hey friends!
i am SOOOO sorry this is 2 days late. it got busy around here and just when i was going to post this YESTERDAY like i promised... it was time for my sister and i to go see The Social Network! So good!! (maybe more on that later) without further due...

tattoo tuesday
(...on thursday, i know...PS. i made sure i pulled the good ones out since i made you wait so long) ...enjoy!
LOVE her!

 seeing a lot of "stay true" lately.

haha awesome!!

 sweet shot.

sweet face. 

...i see antlers!! i need to see the REST of this guy! ...anyone???

reminds me of 500 Days of Summer (my sister just bought the DVD... along with Interview with a Vampire *one of my faves*) 


 LOVE it.

 panda mask!

this pug is NOT happy :-( awwww so cute! 

had to sneak my Devendra in :))

STILL in LOVE with Noir Ohio's Indian Summer shoot!

...AND the award for best tattoo of the YEAR goes to... this man! **Black arm bands!! LOVE!!** (Please tell me who/where he is!!)

that's all kiddos!
Dark Side post is coming later for sure!! ...pinky promise.

other photos via tumblr

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