Jan 31, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

please enjoy this jam packed collection of ink havers today. i over did it a little and im totally okay with that :) ...starting with some ink having photography sent to me via my friend Lucas ...Hi Lucas!!!

 ...and LOVE this so much!

 want to see more of this!

 pretty boid!

 doodle loving.

 sweetest ring!

 lots of fun here.


...and one more from Lucas!

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Jan 30, 2012

february sponsors!!

good day everyone!
okay so FEBRUARY is basically here! Does anyone know what happened to January because I DON'T!
with that said... i've been getting messages about sponsoring the blog SO... i finally updated my sponsor page and i want all of you BLOG/SITE/SHOP/BIZ havers to join me for my favorite month!

February is one of the BEST months to sponsor with it being valentine's time, the intro to all things SPRING ...and of course... it's my BIRTHDAY month!!!

contact me at dropsofjupiterBLOG [at] gmail [dot] com for info on site rates & BLOG packages AND check out my sponsor page HERE!


Jan 27, 2012

for the literate.

 oh hi friends!
okay so the above photo may be the beginnings of my valentines hearts & reds & pinks obsession starting... stay tuned.
oh, and enjoy some literate fun!

 NOT gonna happen.

i like the colors

 so good!

get it



QUICK!... what movie is that from??

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Jan 26, 2012

the dark side.

 oh, hi everyone!
tonights collection started out mostly "light" then into "dark" then it just got creepy. but i always try to keep it creepy beautiful. so... here's some dark inspo to wrap up your night!

 this would make a fun detailed tattoo ..yes?

 cats. cats. cats.


 i call this bowie cat :)

& LOVE to you all!!!

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Jan 24, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

 meow everyone!
okay FIRST off, i just LOVE the above ink haver for SO many things!! the freckles, the ink, the meow (im a crazy cat lady) ***see my instagram. BUT anyway!! today (tonight) i just couldn't help it... i have a lot of ink havers to show you cus i didn't want to save any for later. so get ready! 

 i want a LOVE tattoo so bad.

 allllll the mountains.

 great couples ink.

 maggie of Noir Ohio ...LOVE her!

 good shot here.

 best friends. better halves.


 dont you LOVE vintage ink??

 my sweet Kat Kat of rockNroll bride looking beautiful as always!

good shoulders.

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Jan 23, 2012

manic monday.

 well hello there manics :)
i just so happen to have a day off today and im totally spening most of it at home in the house protected from the rain. you know us folk in LA can't handle the rain ...ha! its sad & true. alsthough i do have plans to possibly shoot by the grocery store. 
...okay and maybe forever 21 too.
but here's some manic photos for your monday. #jamesfranco4ever!

 love jane birkin.

 me too brooke.

 christina. young & blonde.

 oh clint.


 lisa = always a style muse.

 my sister & i stayed up late watching 'driving miss daisy' last night.


 mick always.

...and lets end it with angelica and jack.

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