May 31, 2009

more love.

things i LOVE. i've been inspired all day!
i KNOW i'm not going to be able to do it all in one post but these are the ones that come to mind first!

PS. my car (i dont want to say broke down or died so) had a slight stroke today and she's (Rey-rey is her name) is sitting in a parking lot tonight in Pomona and I pray she'll be okay until I go give my keys to the shop that she's at at 8am tomorrow. Im totally gonna be there on time too. Poor baby!
But I'm not gonna let this crazy day get to me so I will end it on LOVE.

1. love this.

fell instantly in LOVE with this. it's totally feeding into my new motto, "LOVE" credit.

Dos. ha!!

okay so this made me pee. saw it on another blog and had to grab it. it's a vintage mag ad for maxi pads? dont know who to give credit to. but my credit to you is that i LOVE it.
3. i died today in a store called anthropologie because I thought I was in heaven! oh man I will be back... I WILL be back. but here's a pic I took on a cute green chair they had in the home decore galore section...

really can't wait to go back when it's time to decorate my own place! And they had the cutest aprons! I'll stop cus really I can go on and on!
my new ring tone and favorite Sesame Street memory.
I like when they do the number 4 (this is a compilation of them all obviously SS wouldn't make you learn 11 numbers in one day ughh!) cus they use "4" or "FOUR" as FORRRE! like golf and all the animals in the pinball machine are golfing. Okay maybe I'm the only one who cares. oh well.
I really am rockin' it as my ring tone tho! You know that's the Pointer Sisters singing right??

5. my happy place for snacky fruit time!
for real real! After what I went through today with my car. I got home and set my purse down took 2 minutes tops to explain my sob story to the family and got into my sisters car and made a mad dash for fro-yo (frozen yogurt) at Yogurtland. They just put one around the corner from me... I was driving to CSFullerton (12 miles) no problem. Now I just live at Yogurtland in Chino Hills.  Find me there!
off to have sweet dreams (sweetly requested by Mr. France) thank you and I will :)

May 28, 2009

i love love.

inspired and/or in love.

latley ive just been smiling over current events in my life. things aren't perfect at all... but things have made me smile and im just fine with that.

i re-vamped a "corner" of my room. its been the slowest room clean ever but i swear im getting to being done. there were 3 mannequins on my back porch, a green, purple and tan one. The purple one disappeared and of the two remaining I moved the green to my room. I think I have a shot of it...

I have better ones cus i got happy and did a full on foto shoot yesterday of my new corner with my Nikon SLR aka "Niko" shown above next to my piggies. I'll upload my artsy fartsiness and post later.
Oh wait! 
Okay so shown above is the green half form with some of my zillion scarves that my kid sis selected and arranged like beautiful roses! On the cork board to the left I re-arranged the photos so they would kinda fit around the form/hips of the form. Added 2 new frames (actually old frames and new shots) of a row of pencils from a magazine and an old fan in a dark empty room from a Channel ad. Pretty nifty huh? Tiny square frame on top moved from the left wall. It frames my tickets from my first Mraz concert at House of Blues Disney. 
love love love.
When it's all finished (meaning the whole room) I'll be happy.
maybe tomorrow. or even tonight!
next up.

ahhh Jude! so dreamy. it rubs me the wrong way that he did a bad thing to his wife but God forgives and so shall i. still dreamy! came across this photo and credit must go to the photog.
he also did this...
im not cool enough yet. but i will be. my photos ARE getting better. got some training from a lovely soul i know in between church services while we were performing together. i got lotsa fun shots ill share soon.
moving on.
Quote of the day: YOU...are just like your father. -said my sister to me.  <--LOL!
I have more. I'll be back.

May 24, 2009

hello you :)

It's been too long I know!
I miss this...
Been busy and got a little sicky poo but today I feel like making up for it all. BTW... today was beautiful! Just all around beautiful. Quality time with a great soul I know, got some work done, sang at church and the sun is still up at 7:15pm! You KNOW I love that.

Well some of them are ending in about an hour but I've been wanting to share some of the cute pieces we have up in the store... BUT might not have up by the time you read this or might have moved to our etsy!

1. The perfect 1960's vintage Prom Dress...
It's so pretty! If you want to see more of it here is the link to it.
2. This dress is flippin' awesome! I'm thinking of fighting the current winning bidder for it cus I really really really think I just want to keep it!

3. This dress is super short... currently...because it actually has extra room in the hem. BUT I like it!

and I always get so bummed when I see that one of the items I love is paid for and ready to be shipped. It's bitter sweet though because that also means that I'm closer to getting paid!!
4. Next up...
Our "Madonna" prom/wedding dress! Love it!
And some fun things I saw today in a friends B&W magazine...

I just loved this shot! It looks better in person... I took this with my cell phone back stage at church. I love the  cute little 1950's kids and their super cute hair!
and I thought this was was really cute...

I love it cus THIS IS WHAT A ROBOT LOOKS LIKE! DARN IT! lol! Another 1950's shot on Halloween. Super cute!
And have you been to our etsy shop? It's lookin' good so far! Sold a dress that supposedly is going to be in a film in England. But who knows... I just rushed it to her like she asked me to. Here's a shot of one of the cute dresses we have in there now...

Love love lovin' it!
Alright... back to work I guess. I'll get back in here soon with more. 
XO Betty

May 13, 2009


How can you not laugh out loud at this!???
from one of the blogs I follow: the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks!:

fake key
Josh saw this on a gas station bathroom door and writes, "Apparently, they really don't care whether or not customers return their imaginary key... I did return the actual key they gave me though, and they seemed appreciative."

Okay so I am officially home alone now and I will "try" to get my zen back. Ughhh today just started out tough but it's going to get better. I also asked John Mayer (via his twitter) if he could please send one thousand dollars to me. We'll see how that goes.


May 7, 2009


been workin' hard my friends! I honestly went a couple days without a shower... ewww! It's true tho :)
today was a good productive day and all weelk I've been doing alot of this...
here is a pile of vintage on the floor. Its what I get to look at often. during photo shoots and then during editing to get them up on the site. this pile just so happened to look nice and bright to me so i took a foto!!
ahhhh and then there was this long Maxi dress and Bonzie cute it into a mini... 
pretty good! Hope it sales for a lot :)
and this skirt is so cute...
I really don't want to sell it. Then I think of owning it and I think..."where would I wear it to?" I'd want to wear it everywhere... would I? hmm.
and then theres this dress...
haha that HOTT!! me at the crystal cathedral with the world famous Ruth McLeain and John McLeain! dont hate! awww my Grandmommy took this picture. She went home to God when I was only 3 but I remember her wonderful voice over the phone isn't that crazy!!? 
Ahhh I love her (:
XO betty

May 4, 2009

gratitude journal.

today was not one of my favorites and because of that i'm gonna do a much needed list of gratitude for the day...

1. i am thankful that i am listening to God because i know He's got big fat awesome plans for me. i know they're coming and i am super excited!

2. i love my dog. i love my jasmine so much!!
i love this pic so much. it's from my first day playing with my nikon "Niko" and i didn't even realize that a fly had landed on her nose!!! she looks so pretty.. and then you notice a fly! makes me laugh. she's a perfect example of what its like to have someone always be happy you are around. she always wants my affection and is always happy to see me (:

3. i love my family. even though we are all crazy... yes, i said "WE"... i love them all. i am def. blessed in the family area and i'll say that forever.

4. i am thankful for my "keep going/ you can do it/ don't worry about it" attitude. without it ....i'd be in big trouble.

5. i love love loveeee starting over. ie: after this im going to go to bed and wake up to a NEW day!

xo Betty

May 2, 2009

breakfast to busy.

yum! had to take a photo!
my late breakfast I just had and now I'm going to try to get in the shower before the carpet cleaner gets here and then then then then then.....(insert crazy busy stuff here) and then I'll probably get home at 11ish and then sleep.
still thankful
XO Betty

eta: oh! im sorry... what you see here is multi grain toast with butter (non vegan sorry, still gotta get to trader joes MONDAY...never on weekends), sliced strawberries and apples and Morning star Farms vegetarian breakfast links and mustard :)