Apr 16, 2013

tattoo tuesday.

oh, hi tattoos!
wow... i honestly almost forgot how to post photos. i had to stop and think for a second... BUT it all came right back to me. i found the above ink haver appropriate for what I've been up to the past couple of months. I'm about on the  last 3rd of an 85 day training plan for a half marathon! so... training/life/taxes/blah blah blah ...i miss this. 
PS. thank you all for your messages & for sticking with me!
now enjoy some ink!

this guy on alexandra valenti's site.


cats! cats! Cats!

good colors all over this.

always need a little bit of Ricki Hall... right.

i think these are temps... but i still LOVE!

couples ink over coffee!

...and this guy again.

Missed you guys.

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