Oct 15, 2010

dark side.

dark side.
better late than never right?
as promised... here are some dark photos from DOJ files!

 starting off with some more masks!


"heyyy... she's not creepy or spooky!" you say!
i know, i know but i have a story :))

So, Kat (above) of Rock N Roll Bride had mentioned (on twitter) that she needed someone to ship some pink glitter skulls to her from Target (American store... kinda...right??) She got it squared away but my recent visit to Target had me thinking about her!!

So...I did a little "dark side" skull shoot for my own entertainment ....and yours ♥

these glitter guys were coooool!

so i think Kat ended up putting the skulls on the sides of her monitor ??? is that right Kat!? As I know she asked for two! ....super cute idea huh?

and a few more for good measure :)
kinda pretty.

well ...that's all my loves!

photos via tumblr&myiPhone


  1. yey! thanks for featuring my pic and my story hehe! im going to put them by my computer yeah - still waiting for them to arrive. cant wait!

  2. Creepy but very cool!

    P.S. I'm giving away a sweet little headband. Feel free to stop by and enter!

  3. Interesting stuff you've got here. A bit scary but interesting. Stop by mine when you have time.


  4. These are super neat! I was inspired by Mexican sugar skulls from la Dia de los Muertos to make a painted garland. I want to try out those glitter skulls now.....


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