Apr 15, 2014

outfit report.

well hello!
Just a little fun trip to the time warp I like to call Target & the always magical Trader Joe's. Honestly, jeans and t-shirt are pretty much apart of my everyday wear, with a little bit of accessory switch ups here and there. SO... slow pace grocery shopping went very well with this relaxed get up (...and an iced latte in hand.) Details below.
1. light for spring cargo jacket-xxi 2. long strap black purse-xxi 3. broken in super amazing Mossimo jeans-target 4. vintage leather belt-la bomba 5. basic black sunnies-xxi 6. the most comfy old black stretch t-shirt-express 7. my new favorite hippie shoes for spring/summer-franco sarto. (***left out: native style necklace-xxi)


Apr 11, 2014


Oh, hi everyone!
I was inspired by Em's post on The Hippie Memoirs because I've been thinking of ways to keep y'all in the know that yes, I am still alive and YES! I think about you and this blog everyday! I believe Em was inspired by the "original" from Dani over at Sometimes Sweet. I always loved the little fill out forms that my friends and I would pass around on the internet via HAHAAA!!! So this felt like the perfect solution... enjoy.

Listening to: Ahhhh!! This podcast called Angriest Trainer by (celebrity trainer) Vinnie Tortorich. It's actually changed the way I live my life style in eating and the way I take care of my health. **Yes, it's marked "explicit" because of his potty mouth.

Reading: Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman... it's SO good! If you want to get your faith in check or even better... check to see if your faith is in check... READ THIS BOOK!

Feeling thankful: For this "new chapter" of my life that I'm in. 2014 seriously has been the best year ever so far.

Thinking about: What kind of shelving unit I'm going to put in my apartment to move this decoration/completion on. Also, can't wait to dress it up with "stuff."

Eating: #nsng (#ppnsng for my fellow vegetarians) Look it up! I've been eating delicious old school, whole, heavy, full fat, natural, clean foods. It'll change your life. But for example: a fave of mine lately has been full fat plain greek yogurt (check the ingredients that it actually is made from whole milk and NOT non-fat milk) with almond shavings, berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and my my all time fave spoon replacement, thin sliced granny smith apples. #SOgood! 

Watching: Not really anything as of late. I have an Apple TV that I hardly turn on and no cable.

Blog lovin: Karla Deras' Karla's Closet is my go to fave! She inspires me with her amazingly curvy yet fit body and her fashion is on another level. 

Bummed out on: Realizing that society's "good intentions have been stolen" when it comes to our diet, fitness and health. If a candy bar reads "good source of fiber," we'll believe it and buy five of them and eat every single one before the day is over. We've been brain washed to believe that labels that read "non-fat" are good and the word "fat" is bad. BUT.. thankful that I know what I know now and my health is changing for the better.

Loving: My new keycaps (in the photo above) that I got from my long time friend for my birthday (it was in February!) You have to put each one on individually so... I put the bigger ones on for a pop of fun until I  feel like completing it. 

Letting This Secret Out: I haven't had a front door mat since I've moved in (September)... I need a door mat. Etsy, here I come!

Well, that was fun!