Aug 29, 2012

Sponsor DOJ for September.

Hi everyone!
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Aug 28, 2012

how to tip.

hey y'all!
this cute little "How to Tip" graphic page was sent to me. i just thought it was adorable. theres so much to know!!
go here to see how CUTE it is & click through it... XO, tiffany.
ps. i thought the tattoo artist one was the CUTEST...and i love that it's a gurrrl.

tattoo tuesday.

happy tattoosday everybody!
well today i have the day off and the plan was to get as much as i could done. but much of that didn't happen AND i'm pretty sure we're gonna go for a night time stroll around disneyland tonight. 
but anyway... is the cutie above adorable with his big smile??
...and here's more for you ink lovers!

do i spy and inked up ginger?

i DO love a good side part.

just a little more Ricki Hall ...okay?

i HAD to.

okay... done.

pug LOVE.

cute cute cute.

LOVE it all!

little details.

eeep! now that's a ginger!

CUTE cat love.

LOVE the color in this shot.

CUTE couple tattoo shot!

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Aug 23, 2012

the dark side.

oh, hello everyone!
its a good day today. its nice outside. i didn't really need to turn the AC on today (but im thinking about it now) the kitties are lounging and im going to work a half day and look forward to a new state of mind this weekend. i feel change coming... a good change. i like it. Also... looking forward to fall and all things fall like pumpkin spice lattes! eeep!
okay so here's some beautiful darkness from me to you! enjoy!
PS. do you love T-Rex in the shower as much as i dooooo?

...and i LOVE jeff buckley.

i love my underwater shots.

LOVE this.

...for ice cream.

little cute winona from mermaids.

and let's end it with the perfect bob.

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Aug 22, 2012

tattoo tuesday. (late night edition)

i'm finally home!
i worked a half day BUT it was the later half of the day (and thank GOD it started off good! ...heh.) AND you guys are okay with me featuring Ricky Hall (above) and his tattoos and abs again, yes? okay good cus I mean it made for such a good header shot that I just HAD too! 
Uhmm okay so... without further adieu, please enjoy tonight's tattoos!

arrow >>>-----------> love it. i want one.

okay, so... NOWWW i think i need one of these!! 
(AND the mustache on another finger too!)

aww... tattoo buddies.

LOVE the birds.

the doodles on her hands are best!

oh, hi again Ricky Hall!

let there be light & keep me where the light is (get it?)

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Aug 19, 2012

for the literate.

okay literates, im back!
yesterday was a early day for me and i kept running into more and more things to show you guys! so i saved them for today. plus its my day off and i knew it'd be easier. PS. today was a good day. church was good (it's always good!) ran into some old friends from high school that i haven't seen in over ten years! crazy talk! 
...and ofcourse im getting to BLOG. so enjoyyyy.

i like such a dainty word for such a fierce photo.

don't look back.

i did. i do. 

indeed a good statement.

pretty words from

i like it.

this is the #BEST

keeping it polite.



as always.


i do this all the time.

food for thought.

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