Jul 31, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 Good morning everyone!
it's sunday everyone and i have your weekly inspiration ready to go. 
...starting with the above amazing bangs! inspo to get mine chopped next week.

here's more...enjoy.

 inspo to wear something like this to somewhere special.

 inspo to always enjoy God's pretty layers.

 inspo to want to run into a guy like this in a coffee shop one day ....heehee.

 inspo to remember that i'll never have too many rings!

 orange lipstick inspo.

 future wedding photo inspo.

 70's hair inspo for next week ...yes??

inspo to visit prada marfa one day... seriously i'm obsessed with it!

here's to hoping you have the best week ever!

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Jul 30, 2011

style report... Celeste, XXI

I ran into this cute girl here named Celeste in the shoe section of XXI...
what caught my eye was that she was wearing the glitter version of my favorite leopard flats. mine have holes and are totally worn out BUT like Celeste, we just don't care cus they are so cute and comfy!
is she adorable or what!!?

LOVE that she did a fun pose for me too!
thanks Celeste!


blog LOVE.

well do you?
haha... I ask because I am working on a new project called BLOG LOVE. i am putting together a section of blogger's banners so i can feature and support my fellow blog havers! 
PS. i KNOW a lot of you have CUTE blogs cus i visit them often!

Here are the details:
there will be a "blog LOVE" banner/link section on this page in the right column. i want it to look super cute like a big tile of fancy squares. The size is not set in stone just yet but I am leaning towards a 120x120 pixel square ad!

How do you get in on this?
Let's try this for 2 months August/September ...$5 per banner. 
Holy cows that's cheap! ..i know!
**first come, first serve (after approval) email me to join at DropsOfJupiterBLOG [at] gmail [dot] com YAY!!!


Jul 27, 2011

XO necklace winner is... really i've had a bowl of Pop's just like this two nights in a row this week! 
the hot summer nights made me do it!

Okay so the winner of the Solarium 'XO necklace' is... 
Congrats to Simona!
I just couldn't choose a winner (i loved all the comments) SO ...i made my mommy choose and she picked Simona! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who entered... you guys left the sweetest comments and i LOVED the summer color wardrobe visuals you all gave me. eeep!

So, Simona... contact me at DropsOfJupiterBLOG [at] gmail [dot] com with your info and I will send you your new CUTE necklace and a love note from ME!!

Special thank you to Erin of The Solarium
This was so much fun fun fun! 


Jul 26, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 happy tuesday ink lovers!
today is tuesday right? yes. right. 
okay so... here's some ink having photos for you to enjoy and be inspired by for your tuesday!
i LOVE the one above! good shot. good everything.

 amper's and! ffffound via my sister at comicon san diego!

 i love when a tattoo peeks out of a button down business shirt :)

 i like his beard... oh did i tell you i like beards?

 molly of NOIROHIO ...cute!

 kyla roma... so cute :)

 i love old fashion!

'how to use chopsticks!!' BEST-TATTOO-EVER in EVER!!! HA! 
i LOVE it. i WANT it!

...and PS. have you entered the Solarium XO necklace giveaway yet?? 
i'll be choosing a winner tomorrow. 
click here to get in!

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my instagram collection.

Jupiter Support!

well hello there!
so, just an FYI... I am now accepting sponsors for the months of August. September. AND October! After that it's officially holiday time... eeep! 5 Months 'til Christmas...does that make your heart jump or what!? 

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Jul 25, 2011

manic monday.

 it's monday!
 ...and i've got some great photos i'm manic about!
is this one of marilyn the BEST or is it the BEST!!?

here's more...
 bardot! it.

 coco chanel 1910 ...are you DYING over it or what!?

been LOVING a lot of angelica huston these days.
i think it's because i recently watched the addams family AND the royal tenenbaums.
....and because she's awesome ...MAJOR!


 tina = BEST!

oh liz! you're so GOOD!

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