Dec 30, 2010

Survey Says...

oh hi everyone!
im sooo excited to start over in a new year!
2011 is gonna be a big one for me because 11 is my favorite number AND i'll be turning 30!
ALSO... the DOJ blog is getting a face lift and some extra wonderful things I have hiding up my sleeve...
Will you help me by taking this short survey for the DOJ blog??

thank you!
thank you! 
thank you!


Dec 28, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

++tattoo tuesday++
oh boy! i had SO many in the collection this week that i had to cut it down by two thirds YIKES!
here are the ones that made the cut for my mood today :)

i LOVE "toofs" so much! i want one!

 helloooo there :)

 LOVE the hour glass!

 his make up's not too shabby either ;)

 pretty beginnings of a sleeve here.

 tattoos on a bike = LOVE!


 i see a lot of these... i enjoy them all :))

 tattoo of edgar allan poe = you win!!

 great couples tatt here.


 so mysterious!

 PWNing with ANY John Mayer tattoo my humble opinion.

 feather LOVE!

 this might be a repeat ....and im okay with it ;)

 eeeek! it's the BESTEST!!!

 Remember my Trees For Cindy post!!??
...wellll she was inspired to get this on her arm!! do you LOVE it??
**you can tweet her so via @cicicindi ;)

 oh oh AND i can't forget Mr. France's new ink he got last week!! i'm still in shock!

 LOVE the tattoo. LOVE the shoes. LOVE it all!!

that's all everyone!!

***special shout out and thank you to Sedge for having me as her 11 blogs for 2011!! *big hugs*
Alright! ...time for me to get some much needed rest. Dani and i went thrifting and eating and shopping and driving and etc etc. so this lady is beat!
my to-do list is overflowing for tomorrow AND the new year! about you??

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Dec 27, 2010

manic monday.

happy manic monday everyone!
ive got a long to do list for the day. im so glad it's only noon here is California! are some celeb photos im "manic" for :)

 oh paul looks so lovely!

 my fave!! George and my mommy's fave Ringo over there on the side!

 i LOVE these Lennon passports so much!
***notice the top one has "student" crossed out for "musician" ...and it never changed :)

 oh yay!

 LOVE these pants on kate moss... hippie love!

 Devendra for-ever!!

 more of Marilyn... i love her open mouth smile :)


repeat photo of these two because im SO excited that they just got engaged on Christmas Eve's eve!
ive LOVED jason mraz for so so long and i love tristan prettyman for him!!!

that is alllll!
time to get ready for a fancycatvintage photoshoot! yays!

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Dec 26, 2010

sunday inspiration.

oh, hello everyone.
hope you are ALL having a wonderful holiday so far!
i guess i took a little Christmas break for myself with not posting since last week ...ouch!
so lets start the return of DOJ with some inspiration for your Sunday :)

 vintage dress AND camera inspo!

 i LOVED the sweater that Miss James of the bleubird blog's friend was wearing!

 ...and im dying over this skirt that Miss Coury is wearing via fancytreehouse's for sale and it's 2 inches too small :(

 vintage tea cup inspo!!

 inspo to watch edward scissor hands like RIGHT NOW!

pretty yellow dress inspo. 

dancer stretch inspo... my back needs it so bad! 

all around daily inspo ....right!? 

totally wanna rock a sbux shirt inspo! 

sweater inspo #1

 sweater inspo #2

 sweater inspo #3

 giant paper boat inspo!!!!! LOVE!

beautiful landscape photo shoot inspo. 

just plain pretty inspo :)

have a wonderful rest of the holiday everyone!
can you believe it's almost 2011!!??
i can't ...BUT i've got BIG plans for the DOJ blog :-)))
...can't wait to share!

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