Jan 30, 2010


hey all!

im working all day away from home again... BIG FROWN :(

here's something to make you SMILE :)

PS. Jake... this one's for you

"step away from the nuts" 

"don't eat the interior!!" 

awwww... their friend :)


Jan 29, 2010

gotta go!

SO sorry kids!
i have to get on the road and run my 
murder mystery dinner theater!

i'll be back!
and i have fun fun plans for the next post :)


theme thursday. rrrrrred.

it's still Thursday here in California!
sorry the day got away from me BUT i still wanted to do my Theme for Thursday...

I even wore my red zip up hoodie tonight ;)

PS. for those of you who know me personally (or follow me on twitter... is the above photo *found here* making you laugh??)

red vintage.

red specs.

red hair and a fun tattoo!

red tattoo.
(love this... i want one!)

red booklet.

super cool family next to their super cool red car!

red two piece...LOVE!(source)

red laces.

haven't READ it yet.
(RIP J.D.)

red-iculously CUTE!

my new pola on red background!!
(gonna buy some film this week and play!)

and good night :)

other sources: weheartit + UO Blog

Jan 28, 2010

Pretty Fancy!

hey everyone!
Lots of editing to do today for the NEW STUFF going up in the store super soon!

in the mean time...
...take a look at the super cute stuff we have up now.

Hello Spring!!

 pretty floral dress!

circa 1960's!!!

 Really want to keep this one but I can't! I can't!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Paisley Print!

Le sighhh.

I'll be back for the theme thursday BLOG later... 
it's gonna be a fun one!!

Jan 27, 2010

eye candy.

It's been introduced!
the new iPad.
Isn't it pretty? I'm a PC actually and I'll be drooling over this until it comes out. (it's basically my iPhone BUT bigger!...drool major) They said about 60-90 days... hmmm that's enough time to save up about $700 right?

Well ive got a little to-do list for today so in the mean time...
...enjoy some eye candy :)

i need this sign so bad!


very interesting!

on Imperial Highway just before State College. 
(taken by my sister via my iphone)

great! (source)


pretty doors.

pretty cupcake. yum.


[other sources: apple + weheartit]

Jan 26, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday!

hey everyone...
I'm so excited because it is officially Tattoo Tuesday!
I'm looking forward to the BLOG having an actual schedule now...
...we're gonna see if it works out!

I think it will.

ENJOY these fun tattoos :)

isn't this little astro boy super CUTE!?




so great!!

and i'll never not LOVE my Johnny's :)
(that was a good day!)

Do you have any tattoos?? I'd LOVE to see!
PLEASE SHARE!!! back soon :)

pc: weheartit 

Jan 25, 2010

i LOVE you monday.

here come the clouds!
it's been raining cat & dogs here in so cal. and the sun came out for the weekend but the clouds were NOT done.

and yes... the hot chocolate is in the making as i type this.
(and now I'm drinking it)

anyway... the celeb photos i LOVE on monday.

 never hard to enjoy mr. james franco.

paul newman... one of my faves.
(if you couldn't tell by now)

JGL & ZD! 


Our "Govenator" and Tom Jones.
(ps. wasn't Arnold's hair super cool back then?)

a great photo of Mr.AZ ;)

came across this cool Brady photo on my sister's BLOG! 
love it.

LOVE this photo shoot of Madonna!
(more where this came from...coming soon!)

my johnny!
i LOVE him in this flannel shirt.
i LOVE him in flannel PERIOD!

i love you on your passport Bobby Dylan :)

and now for a lil nap...
...ive been dreaming about one since about lunch time yesterday.

be back soon!

photo source: weheartit + theimposiblecool