Dec 30, 2008

starting now...

well its about that time again... 2009 is coming up hard! as my old friend erika would say.
some goals i can think of...
1. guitar. i will be fluent in the language of guitar next year. no excuses.
2. martial arts. why not? ive always wanted it.
3. just be okay with me. again...why not?

4. this is a hard one but i think its time to move out. i feel so scared and like its a bad idea so im totally giving this one to God. it scares me.

notice that it was so scary that i had to separate it from the others (:


Dec 23, 2008

i got a tree!!!

its late but i got one and now im happy!

Dec 11, 2008

Niko is here!


Well this is one of my favorites from my very first photos with my new Nikon D40 "Niko". This is an awesome photo of my new cat "Frankie" named after Frank Sinatra for... his amazing blue eyes. I'm so happy to finally explain how great his eyes are and be able to really show it. At first he would look at me. He just likes to mark me with his fur and never looks up. Then he just decided to pose. So I started clicking away!

More to come.
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