Feb 22, 2013

for the literate.

meh. meh. meh.
i miss you guys! just wanted to let you know that ...and let you know I'm still alive and around. 
nutshell update: i had a birthday, got very sick, recovering ....pondering the future of this BLOG. missing it... a lot. oh yeah, and i'm training for a half marathon.
***all is good. (don't worry)

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Feb 1, 2013

for the literate. my current motto!
oh, hi guys! thank GOD it's february. i'll be honest with you that january was NOT fun for me so i'm thankful to put it behind me and move on into a new month! thank you LORD.
so anyway... here's some literate fun.

i wouldn't know BUT this is pretty.

so good.

prettiest font!

sabato 20 febbraio mommy's birthday! = LOVE this!

so true.

my life right now.



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the dark side.

hi everyone!
bringing the dark side back for my fellow closet goths... it was nice letting my collection get a little full. now i have lots of creepy beautiful things to share with you all for 2013! ...enjoyyyyy.

pretty pretty.

emma? that you?

LOVE her! ...dark through and through. 

NOT all there.

...apparently this ones for sale!

either way xxooo!

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