May 21, 2014

tattoo tuesday. (at midnight)

hi guys!
yeah, i'm dying over the cute overload of this little black pug too ...#DreamDOG!
...yeah and here's some ink LOVE too (it's midnight.)

for when you're tha BOSS!

shave legs in the sink.

Ricki Hall #LOVE.

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  1. Cool tattoo :) The best is second photo. Eliza

  2. raquel.pm128@gmail.comJuly 12, 2014 at 7:21 AM

    Hiii! I love your blog! I'm Raquel from Barcelona. I follow you blog many years ago :3 write me back pleaaaaasseeeee <3

  3. I must admit, I stumbled upon your blog accidentally while looking for tattoo designs, and ive fallen in love with it! I've been scrolling for a good 20 minutes or so! I love your taste and I cant wait to see more of your posts on my feed, have a lovely day :)
    lucy f

  4. Your tattoos are really gorgeous man!! Tattoos are making attractive our body.. Luxury collection you have share in this site that is so amazing man.. i am so excited for see these tattoos.. i like such type os tattoos man. so much attractive collection you have..

  5. Wow wonderful site, and you are looking so handsome man and your tattoos are amazing!! i am really getting into tattoos designs and really appriciate the artistic talent of these designers.. i love so them! these are great stuff here..


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