Oct 31, 2009

happy halloween!

While i am away in Big Bear...
I hope you all are enjoying your Halloween! and I wanna tell my sisto and partner in crime... I miss you!

enjoy some shots from Amy Stein's Halloween in Harlem.

always loved this one!

Oct 30, 2009

theme thursday.

well as i wrap the fun up... (meaning i'll be working for the next couple of hours)...i must post todays theme!! it's a fun one... OLD SCHOOL!
old school = anything that "takes me back"

1. amazingly old school Fisher price story book record player!

2. sesame street! jim henson and all the wonderful friends he brought into our world!

***this is actually a record that I own! It's got all these blues and jazz rock songs with the characters singing them! wish I knew where it was :(

3. Macintosh on the fly!! LOL!

***both of these are actually made for iphone retro save away!! you're welcome :)

4. don't we all owe so much to old school Madonna?

5. poor old school mix tapes... we'll never forget you though :(

6. Nintendo STILL owns your life! all you needed was up, down, left, right, A and B! DONE!

do I even have to mention the Polaroid??

7. what the heck are these two wearing??!?

hope you enjoyed the flash back!

Oct 29, 2009

fancy faves!!

I MUST show you some FancyCatVintage faves!! All of these can be purchased NOW. and most of them are CHEAP in price... i mean like $6.99 SUPER SALE!!!
so here is my LOVE for them before i have to say bye-bye!

1. fancy green pencil bottom vintage 60's dress

2. fancy vintage 70's go-go tent dress

3. fancy vintage 60's floral ***seriously my FAVE!

4. fancy vintage lace and ruffles!!

5. fancy light weight and PRETTY vintage dress


Oct 28, 2009

WHAT of the week?

This weeks OTW is about the cutest little pet fawn Pippin. 

While she was resting at home, Mel Ferrer (her first husband) brought Audrey Hepburn the fawn from the movie Green Mansions to keep as a pet. They called him Ip, short for Pippin. She kept Ip and they made a bed for him out of a bathtub.

Pet of the Week: Pippin!
Isn't he cute!!!?

bottle fed... super cute!

my favorite shot here! hmmm wonder why!? i LOVE grocery store shots!

eeeeeeeeek! can't stand it!!!!

LOVE you Audrey!!!

So would you ever own a pet fawn???

pc: weheartit

Oct 27, 2009

i LOVEd you Monday.

LOL! sorry. i had a busy weekend. i currently have a tummy ache. and this week and weekend is going to be crazier! Halloween on it's way and a crazy Halloween Bachelorette party this weekend in Big Bear! What fun! Just gotta get to Friday... until then... here's a late post of Monday's LOVE... on Tuesday ;)

1. i LOVE you and this photo Miss Monroe!!

2. i LOVE you Ken' brothers!!! 

3. i LOVE you Paul Newman and miss Joanne!! (sigh. what a dream boat!)

4. i LOVE you forever and ever Elvis!! 

5. i LOVE you Twiggy.

6. i LOVE you shirley temple!!

7. i LOVE you gangster Spock & Kirk <--- look at that pose!


credit: La Vie Boston/GQ magazine/weheartit

Oct 24, 2009

Foto Shuffle.

i draw the most random things... and i honestly think my best doodles are on post-it notes. above is a random cute little girl i copied off of an etsy add i saw. i think shes so cute that i keep her taped onto the clip board on my wall :)

heres are some RANDOM things i have hearted in my collection...

1. Top hat thumb!! if this doesn't make you *squeeee* somethings wrong with your cute-o-meter!
learn how to make this here.

2. vintage photo of LAX 

3. if my kid sis and i go on SURVIVOR (we're obsessed with that show)... we're gonna make this swingin' bed! and by "swingin'" I dont mean "hip or cool" even though it is... i lit-chrally SWINGS! 

4. Shopping LOSTS ... not "lists"! This cool person across the pond makes beautiful typography out of found shopping lists and BLOGS them. I found TWO last week and I'm really gonna send them... and you know I'll post pics as soon as they are made! (photo via swiss-miss)

5. pop-tart iPhone or iTouch cover! found on etsy.

6. the cutest little jumping girl i ever saw!

7. Yikes!!! 

well thats enough randomness for me! im off to bed. ive got a busy morning but ill be back manana!

other photo cred goes to: ffffound/ flickr/ readymadeblog/ we heart it

Oct 23, 2009

Enjoy the weekend!

totally LOVE tee pees as of late. probably because they remind me of someone :)

with that said.... enjoy the weekend! ill be at my murder mystery dinner theatre  tonight and singing at my church this weekend.

what do you have planned?

Some pretty fancy things from around the net:

The iRetroPhone iPhone App is buh-nanas!!

what a wonderful tattoo! I think I need it! 

the perfect birthday card!

Decision made! (Jen, write this down!) I am doing this for my bridesmaids!!! Now all I need is a fiance!


foto credit: we heart it.

Oct 22, 2009

theme thursday.

...and i dont need another kind of GREEN to know
im on the right side with you...

one of my favorite john mayer songs has inspired me today to use GREEN for my "theme thursday" blog. 

1. pretty green ice cream!

2. cute green vintage army shirt (one of my faves from FancyCatVintage)

3. pretty spooky green cat eyes

4. pretty green envelopes & stamps from not martha.

5. another cute GREEN 80's prom dress from FancyCatVintage.

6. pretty green eyes!

7. and can't forget the pretty green mouth via kutlu photography!

8. pretty green walls behind the curious kitty.

9. pretty green leaves behind this pretty girl.

10. and finally a pretty green bug for my sister.


other sources: weheartit/ flicker/ ifoundpix