Apr 22, 2009

unperfect Earth Day babies!!!

so happy to give you a preview of FancyCat Vintage 's NEW project. Born on Earth Day, it's the "unperfect hearts!" small gift pillows made from our recycled vintage fabric from the 40s 50s and 60s ....yay!

eta: because some of you are confused. These are mini pillows (bigger than our business card as you can see) and they are made from our vintage fabric scraps because as you know, we alter our vintage clothes to sell. Hope it's clear now :)

xo Betty!

Apr 21, 2009

it's hot.

it's been so hot lately. its putting Bonzie and I in grumpy moods. today i had to just rest. i took a nap on the couch and now i'm just relaxing and just doing nothing while it cools down. i think Bonzie and I agreed that we'd just do everything at night while its "cool".

anyway. found this super brilliant video on a blog i like cus it i'm always inspired by her ...blogs.

XO betty.

Apr 19, 2009

Seriously can't get enough of this site! ----Sleeveface.
you'll be hooked too!
XOXO betty.


I really need to drink more of it (frown.) hmm.


i love.

it's time for lovin'.
1. I totally love this idea.

Glass water bottles! Found them in my email from fredflare. Love them. But they scare me a little when I think of taking them out of the house. Which I probably wouldn't.

2. Just found this.
The Boyfriend Blazer!! Also at fred flare! Love love love it.
Here it is on someone...

3. The new insert image pop up that is using!! It's the same as the new one (that they never had!) that's in Gmail labs! You know I got that too! It lets you change the size and it super easy!

4. I like the link insert helper too!

5. This apron!!
Isn't it adorable!!? We picked it up in Cabo actually. Couldn't find anything worth getting for FancyCat but I did see this cute Mexican lady selling stuff on the boardwalk and I liked her apron. So short story long... her husband made her take it off. the end.
But no really... isn't it cute?

That's all for now! Currently texting Mr. France while half watching The Apprentice with Mom and Bonzie while I do this. Skillzzzzz.

XOXO betty.

Apr 18, 2009

good morning?

...because I just woke up to this laying on the foot of my bed! LOL! I am house & dog sitting this weekend and (I think) this was my first time sleeping alone in someone elses home. Its weird. I don't like being alone but having an alert small dog to sleep near you counts a little. So I've always thought that if I had to do it (live alone) I'd have to at least have a dog living with me. I love animals so it was nice having Benny by my side even if he sleeps with all fours in the air. having time "away" and alone is kinda nice too. Ive got a project in my head for today (sort of a gift to my friend) I'll let ya know how it goes (-;
XO betty.

Apr 17, 2009

holy cow.

This foto = whoa whoa!!

It's also making me laugh... at myself. (shakes head)
No really I should be better to myself... it's not that bad.
So with that said, I am happy to announce that we are in the works of hiring a model! =)
Very exciting.
XO betty.

Apr 16, 2009

real quick.

hi. i just wanna get one in before i start work that needs to be done by 5 again. ughh im so last minute.

last night. i loved...

1.This FB status update!
I mean wow! How often does this happen now-a-days? Which has inpired me to start making hand made notes and cards and using them. They always put a smile on my face when recieved so I know it'll do the same to others.

2. love these. always.
I actually own these in a nutbold shape version in silver. I love them. These are for sale on etsy.

3. I need one of these.
note: Hip bag. NOT a fanny pack :) also on etsy.

4. okay and this was just adorable.
so cute! have you ever seen a bird with a french fry?? They DO look super happy (: (sigh)

5. today i loved.
woke up and waited for Bonzie to get here so we could head over to Molli's for "brunch". I arrived and we celebrated a friends pregnancy announcment! We are all flipping out *and I can go into a weird tangent here but I wont* So then I took her lil doggie Benny out for a walk and had to take this picture:

After that Molli and Bonzie made us an amazing "brunch"...shown half eaten here:
the strawberries made the whole experience life changing!

XO betty.


sent this to a friend...

I wish I could be there while you watch this... cus it's so great!! I loved it. It's a short film called SIGNS and its so cute. It's 11 minutes but it feels like 3 cus you get so into it right away...

So click this link:

1. click on "Da" for yes
2. click the center sign for schweppes festival
3. click on the picture of "Signs" the movie
4. then click "Prikazi" for play
5. tell me i'm amazing later ;-)

XO- betty.

Apr 15, 2009

i love!!!

please take note of the "!!!"

1. all on edge!

The baker's edge brownie pan! Every brownie is an edge! I wouldn't have to yell at my dad anymore for taking the edges! I see this all the time in my email from fredflare and I think..."I wish I owned that!" So I think Bonzie (my kid sister) and I are gonna make a deal and split the price! $44! Good Lawd that's a lot of money!

2. Don't tell.

He's gay but... because I keep seeing him on tv i'm falling in gay love with this kid. I think it's cus he's not singing while shooting a basket ball. AND he's was on The View and was so cute. Did you catch him on SNL making fun of himself!? Score!! I admit, I WILL go see that "17 again" movie on friday (I have a gift certificate).
eta: I'm not the only one (read what fredflare bloged)-->See, it’s pics like this that make me rethink everything! I mean, I’m not usually attracted to pretty boys like this! The swooping hair, the thick eyebrows, and the muscles… It’s just not my thing. But, my god, Zac Efronlooks effin HOT! He’s WAY younger than me and he’s a total Disney dude and yet I wanna makeout with him. These shots from his GQ interview actually made me wanna buy the mag! And after I read the mag, I wanted to see his new movie… Yes, I admit it, I wanna see it!   <--im not crazy! -Betty

3. LMBO4E!!
LOL!!! Okay so when I saw these last summer in my email from fredflare I almost wet my pants!! Are they not the funniest flippin' things ever. They are speakers but they look like giant iPod ear buds!!! HAHA!! I always loved oversized stuff. It's probably cus my Dad's from Texas (-;

eta: one more!
4. This sweetie pie!

Sweet angel, Matt Hires! Bonzie and I fell in love with him on the MCC2. We decided that we were gonna marry him off to her. Then we bought his damo cd and saw that he had a ring on )-: boo! I think "she" was there too. mmm whatev's. But isn't he cute?

one more!
5. this sign.
i love this cus :) it reminds me of a friend.

You are my sunshine!

Apr 14, 2009


gonna get in trouble for not having my work done by 5 by miss Bonzie... but
isn't this dress pretty?

k gotta go!
XO betty.

eta: I totally finished by 5:10! ha.

wow. i love more.

Looked at my shelf and thought "Wow! I love all this stuff!" Hawaiian cups full on pins and trinkets. An old polaroid of me and Tiff Turner on my 4th birthday? Hemp lotion! A pic of Mr. Mayer & I. Done.

XO betty.

time check. 30 minutes!

alright alright I have 30 minutes till time to do the tough stuff. you know, like clean the kitchen then rush to do WORK WORK stuff. Bible study tonight. Actually have a lot to do!

Currently jammin' to:

Jason Mraz's - LIVE at Java Joe's
*you got the poison. I got the remedy. p-p-p-p-p-p-poision-poison!*

XO my loves. -Betty

Apr 13, 2009

I love.

current things I love...

1. This dress.
this is a photo of it before I went out to do the shoot. I thought it was so pretty. I hope it sells for a million dollars! The bottom is unhemmed to make it a mini. See it this week at FancyCat Vintage

2. this shot.
this is actually a photo for sale on etsy. I put it in my favorites just cus I like it.

3. This girl.
I love my sisto so much. I usually don't leave home without her :) She is my business partner as well as my partner in crime! This photo is a great shot taken on the Mayer Craft Carrier 2 cruise we just got back from.

3. this!
okay so this is obviously the coolest thing ever (also on etsy). seen here with an iPod inside but it also hold the iPhone and other cell phones and I've been thinking a lot about the iPhone cus it's almost time for me to get a new phone! I can't think of anything else to get but the iPhone :( maybe a blackberry???
anywho... check the houndstooth! HOT!

4. this place.
no really you guys. All thank's to God, the store has been doing SO well! Praise God!! It's job #1 and I truly do believe that it's gonna go to the top! But anyways, you should check it out! It's been remodeled and it's lookin' all cute! :-D

5. This guy.
Johnny Lee! (photo stolen off of his Facebook) Okay so he looks super serious husband Daddy here, but he knows I like that :) I got to spend Easter eve with this guy and he is such a super cute sweetie pie with brains too! and for the record I just want to say that I meant every word that I used to describe this individual that I love. He's most definitely a catch and he's gonna bless some lucky girl one day. BUT... until then... I shall be number ONE! bwaaaahh ha ha ha haa!

6. my BFF toy.
this is a cute "blind box" "vinyl toy" thing-a-ma-bob that Johnny bought me on Easter eve after church/dinner. It's called BFF cus it has different things that are BFF's. shown here is the one I got. It's a "heart" that is BFF with the "arrow". Even though the arrow has hurt and literally killed the heart... they are BFF. I guess you gotta see it. Anyways, thanks Johnny for taking this cute photo of me in the Asain's only store (wink). Love ya!

7. this memory.
best shot from the cruise!! John Mayer with his arm around my sister. When I met him last summer she didn't get to go backstage with us so this totally made up for it! this is when he called her on stage and he was letting people do 60 seconds of stand up and the winner got $500! But Bonzie just had one question... this is just before she asked...."Where are all the black people?! Did we not show up?!" <--LMBO!!! The crowd was screaming with laughter and John was laughing and clapping. Best night ever! After this we watched him play with David Ryan Harris on that same tiny stage then we stayed up all night at John's Private party with him until 7am.... that was rough!

that's all for now :)
XO Betty.

Apr 12, 2009

super cute vest.


This vest is so cute! Why is it NOT a thousand dollars??? find it at

XO Betty

ETA: haha! funny cus NOW there's a bid! hmmmm????

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Paris... I miss you.


Okay really? Do you have to be that cute!!?
What I love about this pic is ...
1. That his hair is cool... even back then. Messy and amazing. Can you ever go wrong with messy and not caring? NO!
2. The fact that he stopped them from walking just to get a kiss in. 9 zillion points!! That's the most I've ever given FYI.
3. The guy in the background with the hat. The picture is really of him... that's what my sister and I think.

XO Betty.
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Hey God...

Thank You for everything you've done, do and WILL do. I am so thankful and can't wait to see what's next! Thank you for thinking of me and my flaws and STILL loving me for it so much so that you died... just to pay the ticket for me. I am not skilled to understand it...but STILL YOU are my Savior. I love you!

Apr 11, 2009

good morning!

Im happy but Im only 100% happy if I get a baby fork with my fruit plate in the morning :) -Betty

(a message I sent to Mr. France this morning)

Benny & Me!

I cant help but cuddle and kiss when I dont see him in forever! My little nephew! I kissed him to pieces! :) -Betty. PS. apparently I like them with the longer shaggy indie hair LOL. (funny personal joke)

Apr 10, 2009

Some blogs I found today that made me "pee"! <---Yard Sale Blood Bath! Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the lady mannequin on the brown dresser. Died! <---The "signs" are funny but it's really the comments the actual blogger makes about them that makes me die laughing!


xoxo -Betty!

I found a beautiful verse today...

God made my life complete
when I placed all the pieces before him.
When I got my act together,
he gave me a fresh start.
Now I'm alert to God's ways;
I don't take God for granted.
Everyday I review the ways he works;
I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together,
and I'm watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life
when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.

PSALM 18:20-24

Apr 9, 2009

I cleaned.

Went through the whole blog and got rid of the trash. Now I feel better for myself AND it's readers! late!

Apr 3, 2009

I love...

I love this kid on!

I get excited when I get an email saying he's added a photo. I guess I like that indie look. Speaking of Indie LOL (shakes head) ahhh should I go there? I wont right now cus I gotta get back to work.

So I wanna take this time to say Thank you GOD! for the random check in the mail. You are the BOSS! You own me! I love you. The end.



Looking back on old posts.
wow have things changed. and wtheck was i talking about sometimes. i really shouldnt blog from my cell in the late hours. those of you that know me know that its not smart to hold a convo with me while im half sleep. ill tell you anything. and it might not be true LOL.
just watched MILK. i cried.
i think the rocking (from the boat) has finally stopped. but i feel a little woosey here and there sometimes.
foto shoot at 11 am. I shall set my alarm cus its a REAL job now.
freaked out a little today but i have to remember what time it is.
im hungry.
went to this awesome coffee shop the other day in LB. i think its called portfolios (according to a friend) MUST go back!
WILL go back :) details later.


settling back in...

well i am back home from the mayer craft cruise. been a tough few days settling back in but i am back. brain is starting to fully function now... i think. i actually have a lot to talk about (aside from the cruise) but its late so i promise i will do so soon. wanted to get this blog looking right again. i moved away from it and went somewhere else but now i ma back.
looking forward to it as always. :)


oh yeah... LOTSA stories coming.