May 27, 2013

manic monday.

oh, devendra.
hi guys! ...slowly coming back to blogging. i ran the OC half marathon earlier this month and life is good. missing the blog. missing sharing tattoos and creppy/pretty things with you all. i never stop collecting though so they are on their way. i've got enough to probably get me through the year.... okay maybe the next month.

so y'all don't mind if i start my come back sessions with a little devendra do you??
probably not... enjoy.

honestly... the freckles.

im such a sucker for secret freckles.
(you know the kind that come out when the sun hits the face? ....LOVE!)

real men take baffs.

cute cute instagram shot here via @teget

sneaking in some of his inks.

he's great.

other photos via