Feb 28, 2011

manic monday.

 hi hi hi darlings!
so let's get to it! the above photo of miss bardot is making me dream about the warm coming back SOON! it was so cold yesterday that im just screaming for some warm weather!

here's more for your manic monday...

 oh liz!

 best photo of goldie EVER!!

 yoko follows me on twitter ....eeeep!

 sweet norma jean.

 LOVE it.

 all i see is my George :o)))

 i LOVE disco Cher!

 tim curry.... i DIE!

twiggy GOOD!

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Feb 27, 2011

sunday inspiration.

okay im back!
i felt a little icky (and freezing cold) at disneyland so we grabbed some coffee to see if i'd feel better, took a little rest in the car and decided to just come back home early.
BUT before i get some real rest in my bed...

here is some inspo for your sunday!

 LOVE it ALL via Spanish Moss!

i LOVE the "back of cape" shot of Suzanna of Spanish Moss!

 eeeek! i LOVE Easter :o)

 inspo for the hot weather... please get here soon :o\


 home sweet home.

 i LOVE these vintage 70's kid art frames I'm seeing in the thrifts! via bleubird vintage.

LOVE it!

see you guys tomorrow..... im going to bed!

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happy sunday.

Happy Sunday!
this is what i look like RIGHT NOW! hair tied up and SO tired!
 im up late memorizing lyric and harmonies so i can sing at church in ohhh about 7 hours! 
i must hit the bed! it's gonna be rough when that alarm goes off little gift to myself is Corner Bakery's hot oatmeal with brown sugar and those yummy sweet crisps for breakfast after my first set. YAY!!

***i PLAN to be back with some Sunday Inspo... and then Disneyland!


Feb 26, 2011

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Feb 25, 2011

for the literate.

 Seize the day!!
I hope you all are well and ready for the weekend. i dont get a day off until sunday and im pretty sure my plans are to be at disneyland and that's that!!

Here are some typography photos for you literates to enjoy :o)

 heeheee CUTE!!

 it happens.

 LOVE it.

 makes me smile.

 i mean really!!!


 this is true.

 oh good!

BESTEST ever!!!

have a good weekend everyone!

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Feb 24, 2011

the dark side.

 well, hello there!
ive been up early this morning. so much to do and so little time is my feeling for today BUT lists make tasks a little better... especially the crossing off part :o)

in the mean time...
here are some 'dark side' photos for you to enjoy!

 oh, hi kitten!


 i bet it once was amazing.

pretty & scary BUT pretty scary



well enjoy the day everyone!!

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Feb 23, 2011


Sponsor LOVE.
LOVE to all of my February sponsors!
here are some things i LOVE from their shops :o)

 im in LOVE with this Lone Wolf Necklace!

is this the prettiest hippie dress or what!? 

 somebody get me a baby for this cute lil dress ...STAT!! 

 i LOVE these moccasins ...wish my feet were smaller :o\

 this dress is fancy fancy pretty pretty!

pretty much the best cowl circle scarf ever... to be honest. 

...and i LOVE LOVE this bow necklace!

thank you thank you to my February sponsors!!
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