Oct 31, 2010

happy halloween!

 happy halloween!

i collected some cute vintage photos of the good ol days!
remember when costumes and candy were stress free as a child?? :))
i LOVE the "candy bandits" above! ...don't they look like they just got caught?


LOVE the indian girl with the best bangs EVER!! 

 clown. blue fairy. witch.  ha! adorable!

 the lone ranger and rangerette :))

you can't go wrong with a bunny mask!

happy halloween everyone!
im pretty sure my sister and i will be spending ours at Disneyland for the first time.
i'll take pictures :))

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Oct 29, 2010

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fashion crush.

 fall fashion crushes!
so i came across some outfits that made me say oooooh!
& i've been so in LOVE with lace lately ...i LOVE fall :)
1. the beautiful Hannah of Hannah&Landon in this pretty lace top dress ...i need it!
2. Mandi of Here's Looking at Me Kid in that yummy butterscotch skirt and I totally LOVE the top too!

3. NoirOhio always represents in vintage! (running to go cut some old jeans NOW!)

4. What screams "I own fall fashion" is this outfit ....j'adore!! (dying for that top!!)

5 & 6. The top I want in all colors for fall to wear...okay everyday with leggings & shoes (via the sartorialist) that look like ones I just bought topped with amazing pants!

7. The best animal sweater EVER on calivintage :)) ...worn so good!
8. Such a pretty dress for falls Indian summer via MilkTeeths!

9. Leggings LOVE! Miss Liska of A Glass Jar ALWAYS looks adorable in her vintage!

10. my sister Dani wearing the best grandpa sweater you ever did see (thrifted ofcourse!)
11. Yours truly in what seems to be my everyday outfit right now...leggings, boy shirt & my vintage cowgirl boots! (short pumpkin spice latte ALWAYS included) ;))

top photo via weheartit

Oct 28, 2010

the dark side.

 the dark side.

MORE from the "dark" DOJ photo files.
this is getting more and more fun as we move closer to Halloween :)
***i will most likely do a special one ON Halloween!


...cue *me* screaming BLEEDING MURDER!! 

i LOVE this stray cat tracing out the diner ;) 

perfectly titled "that creepy barn" as it is!

wonderful... via LikeABird

HA!!! scariest Blythe doll ever :)) ...and i LOVE it!

funny and creepy!

other photos via tumblr

Oct 27, 2010

who. what. LOVE

who: TOMS shoes

what: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of NEW shoes to a child in need! Isn't that SO COOL :) I'm actually going to treat myself to a pair of TOMS very soon.... I've just been having a very hard time in choosing a color. 
LOVE: i made this little collage of "TOMS photos" but my heart just melts when i see the photo of the little striped shoe going on the little one's foot :') ...i LOVE what they are doing!

who: iheart

what: Caution! This store is not for the fainthearted, over 2500 colorful fun items listed!! (it's TRUE!)
LOVE: my friend Jessie has SO many goodies... I really don't know where to start :)

what: this will be the place to be for little stocking stuffer trinkets for me... shhh don't tell.
LOVE: i LOVE the pocket mirrors the most because they can be given to each of my girls for a little "love, me" trinket gift ...*Xmas idea!!*

what: wall decor gone so so CUTE!
LOVE: when I move to my own place... i definatley want a cute welcome sign like the above :) ...okay and probably a letter "T" too!

what: you have to see it to believe it. it's an adorable vintage shop with zombies for models... i swear!
LOVE: i need those white moccasins to LIVE!! why do they never come in my size??

what: the inspirational blog of art lover, Kenda!
LOVE: i LOVE how she's celebrating Holloween time with scary photos right now :)) 

what: one of the best shops for vintage dresses for us curvy girls... that's for sure :)
LOVE: totally in LOVE with the above red granny heels... again NOT my size... so go get'um!

what: a CUTE lady in Canada with a cute vintage shop and a cute BLOG too!
LOVE: let's talk about my dream pink holga up there that she is the new owner of... i want one so bad!! comment on the amazing size 5 shoes that ALSO don't fit me!

what: and insane collection of amazing vintage pieces stolen from my dreams!!
LOVE: uhmm.... okay, i LOVE everything!! ...go see for yourself!

what: cute cute cute vintage pieces for the lady who likes to dress up :)
LOVE: i pretty much LOVE that nautical sweater... nautical & stripes = winner forever!

who: Me&Yu

what: These two kids are funky... and they have the funkiest artsy stuff!
LOVE: well you'll have to see for yourself BUT i get a little grunge feel from them and ...i LOVE it :)

what: a cute vintage shop with an amazing lookbook! for real!
LOVE: i'm in LOVE with the collection of hippie chic items they have ;))

who: Mod Cloth

what: a  BIG & BAD apparel shop with Vintage and NEW items! ...genius! 
LOVE: Dying over the above wedges and seriously might treat myself to them for Christmas ....serious.

what: you know those expensive bath fizzies?... well these aren't expensive and their CUTE!!
LOVE: i LOVE the color of the spanish moss one above (i wanna eat it) ...i also LOVE her BLOG (....and it looks like a mask is coming out for Halloween time too!)

 who: Urban Outfitters

what: yep!... that place where ALLLLL the hipsters shop :)
LOVE: i can't stop laughing and LOVING that "longest beard ever" Halloween trinket! LOVE it!

 who: Happy Socks

what: the cutest collection of socks i've ever seen!
LOVE: Their photo shoots are seriously too CUTE!

what: a CUTE vintage shop for nerds who like cool stuff me :)
LOVE: i've fallen in LOVE with the above black ocean globe ...and I'm praying to get one for Christmas! ...yes, I'm serious.

what: a sweet collection of vintage things!
LOVE: okay maybe i had a plaid attack above. BUT isn't the granny top so cute!?

what: a dream shop for my inner dark side!
LOVE: i LOVE the beauty of the skeleton cameos :) ...and i want that spider necklace too!! 

Thank you to all of my lovely October sponsors!!
Make sure you check out their sites and show them all some LOVE :)

♥ALSO... if you'd like to be a November sponsor, please contact me ASAP!♥ 
It's going to be an amazing month!!