Jun 23, 2010

is anyone out there?!!

Is anyone out there?!!

I wanna know who you are? 
If you *fancy* my blog... I wanna know!
This is for all you readers, lurkers, friends and you too Dani!
How to "sign" my fake DOJ guestbook:
just leave a comment! :)

1. Below this post it says COMMENTS on it OR 
(i like to open it in a new tab so i don't lose my place).

2. A new window (or tab) will open.

3. Now it's your time to shine!
...write a message, or introduce yourself, or say "Hello world"
...try to make me laugh, or tell me what you love or hate about the BLOG 
...i can take it!

4. If you are NOT a blogger you need to "CHOOSE AN IDENTITY"
 (you can click on other or just type your name...skip the website if you want)

5. do the word verification
(so i know you aren't a spamming robot...regular robots are okay :-D)


Thats it!

1-2-3 GO!!
love, tif.


  1. Hiya! I love your blog. It's one of my daily reads. My fav post that you do is tattoo tuesdays! They always make me smile. And inspration for my next tat.

    Peace : )

  2. I adore all these lovely pics in ur blog. They are very ispiring. But i have to accuse you of my growing tattoo hunger. But please don't stop tattoo tuesdays. I have to admid i may be addicted..


  3. Hey there! I swing by your blog every day - it always makes me smile! :)

  4. Hi! I actually just stopped by from a comment you left on another blog. Cute blog =-)

  5. oh hi everyone! (and welcome!!) :))


  6. Hello there, friend! I am new to the blog world... so far so good. Love the chef tats... I would get a tattoo of a beet because I love beets! Hubby wouldn't be too happy about that. :)

    P.S. I narrated this to my robot secretary.

  7. I'll add to the Tattoo Tuesday love and inspiration...

  8. This is such a pretty blog. Tattoo Tuesday = fabtastic - just wish I had the balls to get one.

    I'd seen your stuff on and started following you on twitter seperately never putting 2 & 2 together that it was the same person until I read your blog. Random! Keep up the good work.

    With love from London.

  9. Tif I love your Blog Because I feel like I get to spend time with my Cousin everyday even though we are on opposite sides of the country.
    You really share yourself.

    Love you!

  10. @natalie!! -that's SO funny!
    @V -awww we miss you :)) the triplets bring you up all the time!

  11. I read Drops of Jupiter daily. I love love love it. Tattoo Tuesday, (of course) is amazing. So are you food pictures, they KILL me as i sit here at work! Keep it up.


  12. hi! cute blog. :) i'm just wandering around the blogosphere, checkin things out, stumbled acrost you, thought i'd "sign your guest book" as it were.

  13. Tattoo Tuesday. Love it. Seems however to have some duplicates in the pictures. Don't do that please and thank you.

    Otherwise. Great job.

  14. BPT...

    Oh hi Tif! You're my favorite sister. Spoons! Somebody fix that leak!

    :) <3<3


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