Dec 31, 2009

Raise Your Glasses!!!

It's still Theme THURSDAY!
Let's all "*raise our glasses*" and toast to the NEW YEAR!

Love you miss Zoe!

gimme that piggy!!!

all I know is that this sweater is awesome!


oh my!

and have a great New Year's Eve everyone!!

Thank you for ALL the LOVE!
See you next year!

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Out with the OLD and in with the NEW year!!!

well it's time to say good bye to 2009.
I am thankful for every year God gives me but I must say I will say that I am READY to meet 2010!
SO... out with the old and in with the new!

Here are some cool photos of *old and abandoned* things...

pretty lil house.

great colors here.

swimming pool. pretty cool.

an old choo choo train!

kinda spooky!


abandoned library... YIKES!

great colors again!

i LOVE this!!

well that's that!
I hope you all have a wonderful entrance into 2010!
I can't wait to see what God has planned!

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who's afraid of the big bad hair???...

♪♫ la la la laaahhh...♪♫

If (or when) hair takes over...

here are some fun big sexy scary hair fun photos!
...enjoy :)

i LOVE her lil fingers peeking through!

those are some serious braids...serious.


She's kinda my fave.

and then this happened!

*more coming tomorrow!*

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Dec 30, 2009

whatever wednesday ...fair photos = win!

its officially whatever Wednesday...
for this first session (there might be more) i want to share how awesome photos at the fair can be...

so cool!

so pretty.

pretty sweet!

okay and this is just adorable!
***the ferris wheel behind her keeps it in theme ;)

PS. Are you waiting patiently BUT oh so excited for spring like I am!!!? I keep seeing all these wonderful things for Spring 2010 and its making me "squeee!"

well...thats all for now!
Gotta go to bed and wake right back up for Birthday Breakfast with Molls!!

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Dec 29, 2009

this ones for my sisto!

Hey guys!
I wanted to do a special blog for my sister Danielle.
The photos are great for looking but she's gonna love it!

A little Wes Anderson, some movie posters and movie title screen shots should get her "squeeing"...
...Love you Dani!

♪♫...Jungle Boogie...♪♫

I've got GUM on my seat....GUM!

Alright, Alright, Alright, ALRIGHT!!!

We need these for the condo!!!

I know theres SO much more...but NO blog could hold your collection Dani!

2010 is coming...let's do this thing!!
Love you Sisto!!!!

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