Sep 29, 2010

weekend re-cap.

dinner and coffee.
Well... if you ignore me being attacked by my tummy... our weekend was pretty mellow :)
Saturday night we went to Souplantation (our fave!!) and we usually feel we need to walk off the food we just stuffed ourselves with... so we naturally went to Disneyland to do so!

Sunday! after church we took a trip to get a tripod and remote from Bestbuy!! we are so excited about the future with these new toys for fancycatvintage
(Dani plans on doing all future photo shoots from a recliner with her new remote.... sad!)

THEN we came home for a break and decided to go to Wahoo's for an early dinner and Starbucks for coffee before a major grocery shopping session! (we do our best grocery shopping late at's true!)

Photo collage above of:
-hipstamatic photos at starbucks
-Dani's new iphone4 shots of me!
-dinner at wahoo's 
(i had the banzai veggie taco with rice and black beans! yumm!)



  1. jam packed! you've also made me want to go to disneyland again!

  2. Just realizing now that I didn't eat a single blueberry muffin at Souplantation....unacceptable!


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