Apr 30, 2011

for the literate.

 happy weekend everyone!
im singing this weekend so i gotta get to bed early so i can wake up early early early in the morning. BUT...i wanted so badly to share these "literate photos" with you and i got busy!
so here's me catching up for all you literates... 
and PS. the sign above is SO right!

 indeed! ...because this is from a collection of FREE prints!



 hi guys!!!

 i didn't know they had a billboard too!
 i know NOTHING about this! (wink wink)
i LOVE the typography... but i dont LOVE tap water... (in LA it makes me throught scratchy)... unless they meant "tap dancing" :o)

 GOOD! ...and a tattoo to hold us over!

 for my fellow pinterest junkies.

 oh good!

what. the. FORK.... i LOVE it. 

Bah ha hahahaaa
...and again... i know NOTHING of this!

have a great rest of the weekend!

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3 things.

i have 3 things to tell you!
1. we are clearing out more fancy vintage pieces (including the above skirt) in the fancycatvintage ebay shop!

2. im trying out a NEW comment system... let's see how it does! 
***Go ahead! Leave a comment! say hello. introduce yourself. let me know what you think!

3. i have spots open for DOJ sponsors!
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Apr 28, 2011

the dark side.

 oh hi hi hi!
my "dark side" collection is very pretty pretty today!
well anyway... here's some inspo for my fellow closet goths... in the "pretty" form.


 pretty pretty.

 i think of lauren aka @fashiongrunge!

 so good!

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Apr 26, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 oh, hello tuesday!
ive been "getting things done" allll morning. this makes me feel good cus i am such a procrastinator! anyone else wait till the last minute to get stuff done?? 
well, i just LOVE the photo above... 
it's the faded heather yellow of his shirt. or the bright checkers of his bracelet 
...and ofcourse the tattoos!

here's more!
 great reflection shot here!

 lace & tattoos = pretty mix

 Bobby from This Fellow is a cutie pie and i LOVE his tattoos!

 Kat of Rock 'N Roll Bride matching it to my liking :o)

 i LOVE the 80's.

 LOVE this shot that the sartorialist caught!

 restless via noir ohio.

 doodles are BEST!

...and add this "abbey road" tattoo to my dream doodles!

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Apr 24, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 well hello there!
i hope you all are having a happy easter sunday.
i worked late last night so i confess i hot snooze at least once. then we got up and went to church. had a yummy brunch at corner bakery (i couldn't believe they still had my oatmeal past noon! i was so happy!) went home to nurse a angry tummy. 
then i ate wayyyyy too much!

but anyway... here's some sunday inspo that makes me happy!
starting with the above silver & gold mini dress!!!! i-LOVE-it!

...enjoy the rest!
 yoga makes me happy. 
i LOVE this vintage photo of a good "shell stretch" in stripes!

 im still looking for the perfect dream catcher.

 uhmm... LOVE it!

 a bunch of babes here!

 newwww desktop wallpaper yes?

 these boho eggs are uh-mazing!

 pretty red french tips on the calivintage blog!

 pretty nails at elsie's wedding shower!

i'd like them all for spring because they allllll make me happy.

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