Jun 28, 2011

this week in instas.

 well hello everyone!
okay so WOW! ....i feel like my sister and i have been all over the place (and busy busy!) these past couple of days. 
here's proof via my instagram photos!

 my pretty cup cake at Matt Mira's day off in LA.

 guarding the concession stand in the back :)

 ...yeah, it's a fancy concession stand.

impromtu night trip to disneyland after dani and i had a dinner date
...this is in the elevator of the haunted mansion.

 we went to wahoo's... 
i had a banzai veggie taco (with black beans and white rice!).

 yogurtland is right next door so... we HAD to!

 stood in line for over an hour for the new star tours ride. 
YES! was good BUT i got a little motion sick from the 3D.

 dani and i got home late from a taping of Websoup last night! my mommy made us a late night snack of quesedillas and veggies :) 

OH! and while my Daddy was going through some old photos he found this 
...sniffle sniffle... ain't it cute!?
(i LOVE my dress!!!)

...stay tuned for tattoo tuesday...
it's gonna be so good!

photos via my iPhone. 

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