Jun 21, 2011

manic monday.

 hi friends!
i'm back!! wow... i had the cah-ray-ziest week that went into the weekend! i couldn't wait for monday so i could just rest....and thank GOD it's here!! so here's some lovely photos for you late night manics. 
PS. doesn't Elvis look super cute above?? he's my number one ya know :o))

 grace kelly. so pretty.
iggy pop ...LOVE it. 

 oh, Frida Frida :)

 Gene Kelley... divine.


 Elizabeth!!!! She's my FAVE! i-LOVE-her.

 iman. LOVE. that dress! LOVE!

 okay, one more elvis :)

...and LOVE this one of Debbie Harry!

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all!

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