Jun 3, 2011

this week in instas.

 happy friday!
so here's some photos from this week via my new iphone app obsession "instagram" 
(follow bestsoylatte to experience the craziness)
...i just love documenting what i see and where i've been!
above is a peek at my work "inspiration" station. 
...i keep it colorful :)
 daily breakfast shot.

 ...while thrifting.

 took a little walk/photo session at my old college (i was in the area)

 it's a baby! ...i always order a short :)

 one of our cacti is growing the prettiest yellow flower!

 photo from bed... all the sweaters i haven't been wearing since it's warmed up & my affirmation board that hasn't been erased for over 3 years... (erased it this morning! ...broke my heart)

 favorite sammy at panera bread with black bean soup.

 the first two original fancycatvintage teddy hearts "pillows"

and finally... i watched a cute "messy bun tutorial" on the super CUTE keiko lynn's BLOG & i tried it for fun! 
how'd i do??


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