Apr 22, 2010

happy earth day!

Happy Earth Day!

Some GREEN things I LOVE to do:
1. shop + trade at thrift stores
2. collect our used coffee grounds and tea leaves in a compost bowl for the garden
3. plastic and aluminum cans and bottles ALWAYS go in their recycle bin
4. buy. sell. and wear vintage clothes!!

What about you??

enjoy these earth day worthy photos :)
[via weheart it]

PS. last chance to enter for the +earth day giveaway+ [here
...I will choose a winner when I get back tonight!


  1. For Earth Day, I thank God that He created such a beautiful place filled with beautiful nature. My husband and I have been blessed by this little family of birds that have been living right outside our kitchen, under our carport. Today, one of the chicks fell out and got hurt, we tried putting back up in it's nest but it kept jumping out and missing out on mama bird's feeding we have been spending the afternoon nursing it so it can survive and be another bird in the sky! Happy Earth day! Let's do our part and keep it clean for our fellow animals!

  2. happy earth day! I don't know why but this earth day seemed abuzz with celebration - everyone was excited and doing something ecofriendly all day long (hopefully it lasts) :)


  3. haha, love the earth ice:) Happy earth day! <3


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