Apr 19, 2010

earth day giveaway!!!

**Earth Day Giveaway**

Yay!...I'm so excited to post DOJ's first giveaway!
It's in theme for Earth Day coming up this Thursday the 22nd. 

So what is it!!!??

holy CUTE tote!!!
This is a SUPER cute tote (made of jute)...
*Jute is one of the strongest natural plant fibre. It's the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton in terms of usage, global consumption, production and availability.

Fabrics made of jute fibres are carbon-dioxide neutral and naturally decomposable. Its an extremely eco friendly textile.*
...complete with it's SUPER cute retro polka dot flower print!

close up!

I also found this cute little note book!
It has cute little retro drawings and reads "eath day, green, planet, recycle"
Haha! CUTE!!!
*comes with the pen to match!*

recycled brown note paper inside.

And one of FancyCat Vintage's 
vintage scrapped fabric hanging heart pillows.

*They are small enough to hang from a doorknob or on a wall and are big enough to sit on a couch or chair as some added loveliness to your room.*

This one is brown with an ethnic print!
Recycled from an ethnic hippie kinda dress we had in the store!

Enter to win by:
Leaving a comment on THIS post with your name and a fun thing to do for Earth Day :)
I will pick a winner ON Earth Day!

♥ Tif.


  1. Oooh, exciting!

    For Earth Day, the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) at my university is having a trash-pick in our town, PLUS we're having "Recycle-mania" - picking through all of the trashcans on campus and pulling out things that SHOULD have been recycled. Its a good way to show people how much we're throwing away that COULD be recycled!

  2. heck yeah that's cool! i LOVE that!

  3. Cute! I love all these adorable earth day goodies!

    What am I doing for earth day? ................DUMPSTER DIVING. OH yeah. Very very very early in the morning so I won't get caught, because it is considered illegal in some places. YAY for recycling! :]

  4. Recycle Recycle Recycle..and go for a nice nature walk with my kids to show them how important it all is.

    productsoftheday at gmail dot com

  5. I didn't realise that is was going to be earth day!

    On Earth Day you can, plant some flowers! To make a garden prettier :3

  6. i love to recycle , buy things that are made with packaging that doesn't have plastic , and buy environmentally safe cleaners and natural make/up and skincare products . Going to your local health store helps with that depending on what you buy and if it is environmentally friendly .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  7. I know I can't enter but...

    Fun thing to do on EarthDay:

    Watch mother earth feed her plants with the power of rain! Because the storm is-a comin'

    Goodluck everybody!

  8. For Earth day ? I think you should be doing the same thing you do every other day , because you should be environmentally friendly everyday ! I am taking an environmental sustainability degree... so I practice being eco friendly as much as possibly every day. Next year I will be living in the eco house on my University campus. Exciting ! Happy Earth Day Everyone !

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  10. For Earth Day, I thank God that He created such a beautiful place filled with beautiful nature. My husband and I have been blessed by this little family of birds that have been living right outside our kitchen, under our carport. Today, one of the chicks fell out and got hurt, we tried putting back up in it's nest but it kept jumping out and missing out on mama bird's feeding we have been spending the afternoon nursing it so it can survive and be another bird in the sky! Happy Earth day! Let's do our part and keep it clean for our fellow animals!

  11. in honour of earth Day my Miss Gracie [6] is planting her very OWN vegie garden...& she promises she will look after it herself

    waving at you,
    tracey-leigh :)

  12. oh, i LOVE that notebook!
    i have a thing for stationary, and saving the world, soo...
    :) haha, great giveaway!!


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