Apr 12, 2010

Sunday Inspiration... late night/early morning edition!

hello all!
sorry about the slow weekend here on the DOJ blog. things got a little busy and crazy!
i'll be back to normal this week and i'll be so happy when i get the *1st DOJ give away* up probably monday (tonight) or tuesday... ONLY because I want to spread all the exciting things out a little so you don't have an excitement overload like i've been having!

in the mean time...'s some LATE NIGHT
 *Sunday Inspiration*
(it's totally early monday morning right now)

inspiration to hurry and buy some pola film...ughhh! [found here]
(i know i've been saying this for months)

inspiration to totally set up shop for my own personal tea party
[photo taken by my cute twitter friend @innawalters]

inspiration to travel! [found here]

inspirational for a good nap [found here]

inspiration to listen to some Devendra

inspiration to do something artsy [found here]

inspiration to laugh my butt off!!!

inspiration to hurry and get my own place to decorate!! 

inspiration to make some more crafty cards for my friends [found here]

inspiration to have a yummy cold breakfast in the morning!
(but NOT if it's still raining)

inspiration to just pick up my camera and go shoot! 

inspiration to do another laundromat shoot 

inspiration to ROCK what i want to wear and not care!

inspiration to do this one day [found here]

inspiration to LOVE love love!
[photo of one of my super cute sponsors... Jessica of *SideShowPhotography*]

all other photos via: weheartit

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  1. these are all so adorable! thanks for the inspiration!


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