Jun 11, 2009

what the what??

Okay kids I'm already back...
I've ran into a few things this morning and I must talk about them...

1. okay first of all... this is SO cool!

Okay so some dude is repairing the WORLD with LEGOs! I love that. I love that so much!! Read/See more about it here!

2. And this guy proposed in a photo booth...

the timing HAD to be just right I'm thinking!! So jello! read more here.

3. I've seen this sketch before on but it found me again...
I love that it says "it feels like flying" <--- so cute and true!! Wanted to post it cus I've been thinking of getting back on the bike for transportation but it's very difficult when you live in the Inland Hills of So. Cal... where the places I need to get to are only accessable via freeway :( Why couldn't my neighborhood be like the cute areas of Longbeach... oh well.
4. and do you remember parachute games?

There's a commercial that plays on the TVs in target and they show a part where grown people like me are playing the parachute game where you flip it up and run under it and hold it behind you.... times as a child were fun! BUT obviously we can still do fun things! I wanna do this! :) Photo cred.
Okay I'm hungry for breakfast.

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