Jun 27, 2009

Photography LOVE.

there's really no need to blame but i feel like blaming. i run into so much cool photography on blogs and they lead me to cool photographers or cool crafty people. which only makes my blog list longer which inspires me even more to BLOG! im cool with it tho.

so in the middle of all the blog/foto LOVE... i ran into this cool photographers site (from a blog of course) and i was instantly in love. i dont know know if i was in love with the soon to be married couples and how cute they looked or just the cool tint of the photos.

i just fell in love. the way Miss Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography tells a story and shows us what she sees through her photos is so amazing to me.  oh yeah and she LOVES cake! just like me :) See and read about this super beautiful cake she found...
on her blog
So I decided that she would be my photographer for my wedding... you know the non existent one!... one day. And that I was going to save up a certain amount of money cus I had to have her!...

After deciding this I posted my new exciting and nerdy decision on twitter or something/somewhere and Noa actually contacted me!! I was so humbled and excited.... but so so so embarrassed to tell her that I wasn't even engaged....
So I hope she found that funny because she has been so sweet to me since then and she even chopped up and made a special tagged photo that you see for my blog header...

(and twitter) :o)

I'm pretty sure this was the shot that hooked me. I love the random walking through grocery store and decided to take a photo feel. Also the chex floor and the color over load! Brilliant!
I encourage everyone to take a look at her site and just relax and watch the pictures go by while hearing some super zen music. you will enjoy!

<3<3<3 Noa, you are the bomb <-- yeah I said it! and I can't wait to see how my engagement/wedding photo's turn out. (wink wink wink)


  1. HAHAHA I love this... I have many people hired for my so called wedding as well!


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