Jun 11, 2009


Okay so I felt like giving the blog a face lift. I don't really have anything to do until photoshoot at 4 and rehearsal at 6:30 and ad in crazy weekend here... so why not!

Also... it has a new name. DROPS OF JUPITER and a new Title photo that I love and use on my twitter background from Noa Azoulay-Sclater. i just found out that my husband and I will have to start saving up (about $5000) for her to photograph our wedding... and I don't care :)
I think the new name will stick like crafty shafty glue!

Good NEWS!!! My lovely friend Anne got her crafty shafty package today!
Here she is sporting the hat she found with the crafty shafty card and mix tape... aint she cute?
and now I can show you guys the finishing results of "project Anne" :-D
I'll do that as soon as I upload the photos ...unless Anne wants to take crazy photos of herself and gifts ;)
she just might :)


  1. I will! And this time I will shower first and look less "I'm spent from the gym" :o) More to come, wiiiiiiiiiii!

  2. Hi Darling!

    I am really flattered that you like my pic! Also, let's talk about your wedding photography? I can't find a way to email you on your site, but feel free to shoot me an email:
    I need your wedding date so I can check my availability...

    xoxo Noa

  3. Eeeeeeek how exiting is it that Noa wrote you!! Now about that wedding date gurl :o)


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