Jun 1, 2009

blog love.

okay so some know of my new blog obsession. ive always loved blogs but i look at them what seems to be 24/7 now. some things i found today on blogs that i thought were cool.

Marco Valentini
some cool and funny/serious pics found on this site. that i found on this super cool blog.

2. same blog. different find.
this is super serious to me because i am a child of the 80's and the end of Polaroids would make me cry!
Here's what the blog said...
Nowadays, because of technological innovations, everything is becoming smaller, faster, easier, better a so on... However we forget about the little things in life that make life special. We have  changed our huge CD collections with small iPods, replaced messy paper piles with tiny USB sicks etc. My aim is not to declare all these inventions as bad, I just want to point out that there are some "old-fashioned" products we should maintain. One of these is good old Polaroid. Hadn't it always been exciting to wait for the picture to appear and then to write something in the white space underneath? Let us  save polaroid!

3. fun!
The Photographic Dictionary! also found on the same blog.
Look up "Jesus"....pretty fun. I liked it.
ok. i gonna go pick up my poor car now! and i'll probably be back!

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  1. nice to meet you new blog friend! i'm glad to know a fellow online/artsy/christian blogger. :)



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