Oct 30, 2009

theme thursday.

well as i wrap the fun up... (meaning i'll be working for the next couple of hours)...i must post todays theme!! it's a fun one... OLD SCHOOL!
old school = anything that "takes me back"

1. amazingly old school Fisher price story book record player!

2. sesame street! jim henson and all the wonderful friends he brought into our world!

***this is actually a record that I own! It's got all these blues and jazz rock songs with the characters singing them! wish I knew where it was :(

3. Macintosh on the fly!! LOL!

***both of these are actually made for iphone retro save away!! you're welcome :)

4. don't we all owe so much to old school Madonna?

5. poor old school mix tapes... we'll never forget you though :(

6. Nintendo STILL owns your life! all you needed was up, down, left, right, A and B! DONE!

do I even have to mention the Polaroid??

7. what the heck are these two wearing??!?

hope you enjoyed the flash back!

1 comment:

  1. This whole posts OWNS!

    ... and I just want to say that Jim Henson's pants are so hot I refuse to date anyone that wouldn't wear those now!


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