May 28, 2009

i love love.

inspired and/or in love.

latley ive just been smiling over current events in my life. things aren't perfect at all... but things have made me smile and im just fine with that.

i re-vamped a "corner" of my room. its been the slowest room clean ever but i swear im getting to being done. there were 3 mannequins on my back porch, a green, purple and tan one. The purple one disappeared and of the two remaining I moved the green to my room. I think I have a shot of it...

I have better ones cus i got happy and did a full on foto shoot yesterday of my new corner with my Nikon SLR aka "Niko" shown above next to my piggies. I'll upload my artsy fartsiness and post later.
Oh wait! 
Okay so shown above is the green half form with some of my zillion scarves that my kid sis selected and arranged like beautiful roses! On the cork board to the left I re-arranged the photos so they would kinda fit around the form/hips of the form. Added 2 new frames (actually old frames and new shots) of a row of pencils from a magazine and an old fan in a dark empty room from a Channel ad. Pretty nifty huh? Tiny square frame on top moved from the left wall. It frames my tickets from my first Mraz concert at House of Blues Disney. 
love love love.
When it's all finished (meaning the whole room) I'll be happy.
maybe tomorrow. or even tonight!
next up.

ahhh Jude! so dreamy. it rubs me the wrong way that he did a bad thing to his wife but God forgives and so shall i. still dreamy! came across this photo and credit must go to the photog.
he also did this...
im not cool enough yet. but i will be. my photos ARE getting better. got some training from a lovely soul i know in between church services while we were performing together. i got lotsa fun shots ill share soon.
moving on.
Quote of the day: YOU...are just like your father. -said my sister to me.  <--LOL!
I have more. I'll be back.

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