May 7, 2009


been workin' hard my friends! I honestly went a couple days without a shower... ewww! It's true tho :)
today was a good productive day and all weelk I've been doing alot of this...
here is a pile of vintage on the floor. Its what I get to look at often. during photo shoots and then during editing to get them up on the site. this pile just so happened to look nice and bright to me so i took a foto!!
ahhhh and then there was this long Maxi dress and Bonzie cute it into a mini... 
pretty good! Hope it sales for a lot :)
and this skirt is so cute...
I really don't want to sell it. Then I think of owning it and I think..."where would I wear it to?" I'd want to wear it everywhere... would I? hmm.
and then theres this dress...
haha that HOTT!! me at the crystal cathedral with the world famous Ruth McLeain and John McLeain! dont hate! awww my Grandmommy took this picture. She went home to God when I was only 3 but I remember her wonderful voice over the phone isn't that crazy!!? 
Ahhh I love her (:
XO betty

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