May 4, 2009

gratitude journal.

today was not one of my favorites and because of that i'm gonna do a much needed list of gratitude for the day...

1. i am thankful that i am listening to God because i know He's got big fat awesome plans for me. i know they're coming and i am super excited!

2. i love my dog. i love my jasmine so much!!
i love this pic so much. it's from my first day playing with my nikon "Niko" and i didn't even realize that a fly had landed on her nose!!! she looks so pretty.. and then you notice a fly! makes me laugh. she's a perfect example of what its like to have someone always be happy you are around. she always wants my affection and is always happy to see me (:

3. i love my family. even though we are all crazy... yes, i said "WE"... i love them all. i am def. blessed in the family area and i'll say that forever.

4. i am thankful for my "keep going/ you can do it/ don't worry about it" attitude. without it ....i'd be in big trouble.

5. i love love loveeee starting over. ie: after this im going to go to bed and wake up to a NEW day!

xo Betty

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