Dec 1, 2010

thanksgiving outfit.

 mellow in my yellow!
i knew i was just going to be around family for thanksgiving weekend so i went super casual.
(but when am i ever NOT?)

anyway... so i was trying to recreate those cargo pants that im seeing everywhere (minus the side pockets that are no bueno for those of us who *already* have curves) and i think what i did worked out just fine.  
topped my yellow long sleeve off with a vest and my biker jacket for the road and i was ready :)
 when the weather is cold i always always always have a scarf on... i don't like my neck (or any other part of my skin actually) being cold!

 this black super soft scarf is from Target.

 my vest is via some boutique in my local shop center and my "mellow yellow" shirt is from Target!

grey khaki pants are from Oldnavy! 

 my vintage "malcolm x" frames go with pretty much anything! 

 ...and i got these brown booties over a year ago at The Buffallo Exchange! 
(they were in mint condition which means i didn't have a choice but to make them mine)

i've been wearing my black j.crew knit hat like everyday!

 black leather biker jacket was a score from last year at XXI's SO timeless!!



  1. Cute outfit! I like those pants... unfortunately Old Navy pants never fit me legs are too short! Haha!

  2. Aaah, you look so pretty and comfy-cozy! ^.^
    Yellow never suits me, but on you it's like "daaaamn, so radiant!".

  3. Nice!
    Very autumny!
    Love those glasses!


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