Feb 27, 2011

sunday inspiration.

okay im back!
i felt a little icky (and freezing cold) at disneyland so we grabbed some coffee to see if i'd feel better, took a little rest in the car and decided to just come back home early.
BUT before i get some real rest in my bed...

here is some inspo for your sunday!

 LOVE it ALL via Spanish Moss!

i LOVE the "back of cape" shot of Suzanna of Spanish Moss!

 eeeek! i LOVE Easter :o)

 inspo for the hot weather... please get here soon :o\


 home sweet home.

 i LOVE these vintage 70's kid art frames I'm seeing in the thrifts! via bleubird vintage.

LOVE it!

see you guys tomorrow..... im going to bed!

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  1. Haha, I LOVE the teddy bear one :3 So cute

    (P.S. I Love, Love, Love your blog name. Huge Traniac over here :P)


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